Tuesday, December 13, 2011

5 Ideas to make Christmas Special

Here are 5 ideas to turn your Christmas into an extra special day...

1. Have a home made family dinner: Get the family together, and dine on home cooked meals, which are prepared together with the family members. Make the cooking and dining a fun experience and get together with your loved ones to share the special time.

2. Send anonymous gifts: Be a Santa! Send a gift to someone you know who has been keeping down, or is not well, or someone who is not expecting a gift. Send the gift anonymously. Do not forget to give something really good, something that the receiver would really appreciate, it need not be something expensive or very flashy, just something that cheers the other up. What makes Christmas better than making Christmas better for others! And I promise, deep down you feel very good.

3. Call friends instead of SMSing them: How dry would the wishes be if we just SMS our friends on the Christmas day! Call them, all of them, and wish them a very Merry Christmas, in a very merry voice. Forget the bills and balance for a while, and live the Christmas spirit!(And anyway, I think the mobile carriers will charge on 25th, so why not make a call instead.)

4. Watch 'A Christmas Carol' with your friends and family: A very well made movie indeed. Even though it is an animation film, it will capture the attention of a mature audience as well. The movie will surely help us to look back at our lives and change it for good. (Though I won't recommend it to kids younger than 10, some scenes are scary.)

5. Pray for a better year ahead: No, I do not mean the 30 second, close your eyes, clamp your hands together, "God please..." type of a prayer. Pray all day long, while working, cooking, cleaning, greeting, smiling, sleeping, dancing, whatever you may be doing, keep communicating with Jesus, in the depth of your heart, open up yourself, and share your fears about the coming year, your expectations, your shortcomings. Just keeping talking, praying, asking, sharing.

Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holy Spirit - The Bubble Wrap

Wrap yourself up with our superior quality bubble wrap, Holy Spirit, The Bubble Wrap!

Made with special high strength transparent plastic of God's love, the bubble wrap has special equidistant bubbles of grace.

Wrap your fragile self fully in it, and then forget all your worries...

If you fall, the special grace bubbles will pop to protect you by releasing the graces and saving you from bruising.

The transparent God's love plastic is soft, strong and flexible, to allow you ample mobility without falling apart or leaving the bubble wrap confinements.

It not only protects you, but also assists you in all your work. The Holy Spirit guides, teaches, intercedes, gives life, so wrap yourself up!

And there's more! All this comes with an Eternal Lifetime Warranty!!!

So, what are you waiting for, grab your share of Holy Spirit, Bubble Wrap today...

This ad was brought to you by Jesus, your Friend Inc. For more details kindly refer to John 14:26, Luke 12:12, Rom. 8:26, Matt. 4:1, John 6:63, Acts 2:4. Holy Spirit is delivered freely to open doors!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

10 Out of the Box New Year Resolution Ideas

Well, as the New Year approaches, most of us will be looking forward to making those great New Year resolutions that will change our lives for good. But as it turns out many a times, New Year resolutions don’t stick around too well. But maybe the resolutions don’t work because we might me changing wrong things.

Whatever maybe the reason for the new-year-resolution-fail syndrome, here’s a list that is well beyond the regular, tried and tested (and broken) resolutions. Try making one of these resolutions, if it sticks, great! If it doesn’t, well it won’t make much of a difference.

  1. I will buy things in dozens: Since its 2012 you know, buying things in dozen to live the spirit of 12! Whether it is bananas or grapes, or shoes or even cars, everything bought in the year ’12 should be either 12 in number or a multiple of it!

  1. I will say sorry before shouting out in rage, instead of after: Somehow, it’s a really cool change! Imagine you are totally mad at a friend who dropped cola on your favorite shirt, you just say a meek sorry(works even better if you say sorry before your friend can say it) and then start at the top voice with anger and rage, your friend won’t know what hit him/her.

  1. I will sing 12days of Christmas every day: 12 days, 12 months, 2012. It all matches, and by the end of the year, you will finally have the lyrics memorized.

  1. I will say ‘Rabbits’ out of the blue: Or any cute animal that you like. Shout ‘Rabbits!’ when you are at work, or in the middle of a conversation, in a phone call instead of ‘Hello’, let’s spread cute little rabbits everywhere!

  1. I will re-arrange the pizza toppings: Take off the mushroom and the corn isn’t just rightly placed, remove every topping and re-arrange it in an artistic way. Get creative. Bonus points if the pizzeria hires you!

  1. I will stop eating anything purple in color: Means no eggplants, no yam, and no any other freaky purple colored disgusting tasting food!!! Now that’s one resolution worth keeping

  1. I will wear mismatched clothes once in every month: Mismatch colors, or styles, or even silhouettes, or maybe all three of them! Wear crazy stuff at least once every month, you may never know it might even start of a new trend.

  1. I will be a movie spoiler: Go watch a  movie alone, and then go watch it again with your friends, but don’t forget to give away spoilers, reveal the climax before hand, show the twists, repeat the dialogs and kill their fun, and have yours. Oh! But beware of getting a black eye.

  1. I will take bath in cold water all year: Now, this one is an immunity and character building type of a resolution. No hot water, not even warm water, just cold tap water. Will make you strong(or you will fall sick!) and also sensitize you about the poor homeless who don’t have ready access to hot water.

  1. I will communicate only in 1337(LEET): Whether it is mails, chats or blogposts, all written communication from 1st January,2012 should be done in LEET. &  `/  n07,   \/\/3 Я   7|-|3  (0/\/\|>(_)73Я  63/\/3 Я@7!0/\/
So, which resolution are you going to choose?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tweeting on the Toilet Seat

Presenting another hit from...
Broad B@nd

Dark circles undr eyes
N I've got weak bones
M tweeting on d toilet seat
4m my iPhone

M connectd 2 all, i knw..
Wen dey laugh,wen dey moan
M tweeting on the toilet seat
From my iPhone

Oh jst luk @ dis video
my baby bro licking ice-cream cone
M tweeting on the toilet seat
From my iPhone

Alwys plugd in, alwys onlyn
We're turnin in2 clones
M tweeting on the toilet seat
From my iPhone

P.S: This obviously is a figment of my imagination... But the lyrics are my own so DON'T TOUCH! And yes, it is a bit sarcastic...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How 'catholic' are we?

Have you ever noticed how every person who stands while you are kneeling during a mass is devil's minion and how every person who genuflects while you kneel is a hypocrite?

Everybody has a set of ideas about spirituality. Some may pray only in trouble, others all the time, some might yell at the top of their voice while singing a hymn(even though they may not know the lyrics or the tune), others may just be happy listening to the choir.

I remember getting the puked up feeling whenever I saw someone breaking down in tears while making a prayer(and many a times it was accompanied by the sound of sucking the snot in!), I also remember snorting at the altar servers; who would turn up sometimes even an hour early and fight among themselves to be the servers for the mass. An most of all I hated the distracting babies who just wouldn't let me pray in peace. Oh how I wished the parents would leave their wailing infants and fussy toddlers at home!

I had my set of rules, my style of praying, my way of behaving, my way of saying the prayers(loud and frequently punctuated with intonations). I thought, mine and only mine was the way that was truly catholic(or atleast was more catholic than others).

But then I encountered something that changed my whole outlook. I was sitting with a dictionary one day, trying to find some new word, and suddenly I wondered whether the dictionary had a definition of catholic.

And guess what, there actually was a definition, and it took me by shock!

catholic(n): all embracing, universal

I sat there, staring at the words. Catholic... All embracing... Universal... 

Slowly it dawned on me that my faith, and the faith of others was the same, the universal faith, and that being catholic was to embrace all those who shared my faith even if they had a different way of expressing it.

So now I don't shudder at the emotional person's crying prayer, nor do I wrinkle my nose on the parents who want to attend the mass and bring their children too so that they may learn something. I no longer mock the loud 'hallelujah' nor do I cringe at the old lady's nasal rendition of a hymn. Because for each of them it is a form of prayer, a form of offering to God, a way to communicate to Him.

Now I have a catholic approach towards my diverse friends in Christ, because they are diverse in expression, not in FAITH.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What are we ashamed of...

Why am I not ashamed of showing abusive hand gestures, but feel embarrassed to use the sign of the cross?

Why am I not ashamed of singing aloud a song with raunchy lyrics, but blush if caught humming a hymn?

Why am I not ashamed of slapping someone publicly but lack the courage to apologize even in private?

Why am I not ashamed of wearing t-shirts carrying obscene messages but hide the cross around my neck?

Why am I not ashamed of spreading rumors to debase someone but shy away from spreading the Good News?

Why am I not ashamed of hearing a dirty joke but wouldn't want to be caught dead listening to religious podcast?

Why am I not ashamed of reading a racy novel again and again, but feel embarrassed to be seen with a bible?

Oh, I could list many more! What kind of culture do I live in, where every condemnable act is commended and the fine art of practicing a religion is frowned upon!

It is 'cool' and 'hip' to sprinkle a talk with as many abuses as possible(and no I am not talking about the occasional rant) and it is a 'fad' to dress up as cheaply as can be allowed(cheap not in cost, cheap means tasteless and vulgar) among the youth and many who have well surpassed the age to be called a youth.

Call it peer pressure or attack of media or blame it on globalization or whatever else that pleases you, but the fact remains that in today's age, more than in any other time or age of this world, is it possible to behave in filthy way and get applauded for it too!

The question which arises is that how is the broadening of our mind and freedom leading us to lewd and profane lifestyle, why and how can the educated and seemingly wise world can't even differentiate between what is good and what is not and still boast of advancement and progress?

And what kind of a progress is it indeed, if it takes us back to being primitive and senseless!

I am young, educated, liberated. So why am I so very much ashamed of doing the right and the good and why don't I give a second thought before something crude!

Luke 9:26 If anyone is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Date with Time

Time and I were walking down the Memory Lane, one nice evening, and the air was cool and wispy. We entered the Garden of Past, full of fragrant and multicoloured flowers of achievements, and thorns of past regrets, glittering milestones of proud moments and pebbles of forgotten time-spans, and in the center of the garden was a pond.

He led me to it, and we sat down on a bench next to the pond, for a while we were silent. I noticed that even though there was no wind, the water in the pond kept flowing and moving around, forming small waves.

"That is the Pond of Thoughts", said Time, "It waters the flowers of Past Achievements and thorns of Past Regrets, though it cannot change the milestones and pebbles, it does keep the other two quite fresh!"

"The pond contains the thoughts of those", he went on, "who dwell on their past mistakes or glorious moments, who are either sulking around because the thorns prick them, or walking a foot higher because the flowers they had sown are beautiful."

Saying this, he got up and started walking, I followed, deeper we went into the garden, and the scene before my eyes slowly changed, from the lush Garden of Past, we had moved onto the Field of Present, there I saw huge oxen tilling a part of the land, the other part was dry and barren, with a dried out river bed adjoining it. The part where the oxen had already ploughed was being watered by rain.

I was still taking in the bizarreness of all this, when Time pointed out, "Look! Do you see that...?" I looked in the direction he was pointing at, and there I saw a beautiful rainbow, it slowly grew and covered the entire land, tilled or not tilled, fertile or barren, under its giant colourful bow.

"That is the Rainbow of Hope.", said Time with a kind smile,"It covers the entire Field of Present and also a bit of the Garden of Past and it extends towards the Void of Future!" I was still staring, my eyes wide open at the Field of Present. I wanted to asked him why only half the land was being tilled, why was the river dry and why was it raining only in a particular area and not on the entire land?

His gazed followed mine as I was looking at the dried river bed and slowly he spoke,"Ah! The River of Productive Thoughts, how dry it has become!" I looked at him, confused; he went on further explaining, "It is here where it all begins, The River of Productive Thoughts, it waters the barren land and makes it bring out produce with the Oxen of Perseverance, which is then watered by the rain of Graces from Above. But alas! You see, all the water has been pooled in the Pool of Thoughts we saw in the Garden of Past. And thus those who are busy pondering on past events have not been able to produce anything in the present."

"Close your eyes, hold my hand, I have got a surprise for you!", he added. I did what I was told, I closed my eyes and held his hand and he started leading me towards an unknown destination. We walked silently for a while and then he stopped abruptly, I could here faintly some music being played.

"Open your eyes", he whispered.

I opened my eyes, and what I saw was beyond words or comprehension.I was standing on nothing, no ground below, no sky above and all around me was plain void. In this void there was something happening all the time, swirls of colours mixing and merging, beautiful flowers being created from fire in a second and destroyed in the next, trees being formed from saplings in an instant only to be replaced by birds of various colours, shapes and size.

In every fraction of a second something was being created form nothing and destroyed. Every thing was changing so fast, so often. It seemed if I blinked I would miss an eternity worth of actions. All was like a long lasting explosion of fireworks which just never ended. This endless vision of creation and destruction of various things was what occupied both of us.

With great effort I turned my eyes towards Time, looking at him I asked,"This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. What is this place?"

Without taking his eyes off the activities he replied,"The Void of Future. No one can come here, no one knows this place except me. It is an ever changing, ever evolving place. Nothing here is fixed or permanent, nor can anything stay here. But the visions you see are formed from Actions. They do control the Void of Future in a partial way. Actions! Wonderful Actions, see how they create things and destroy them, see how they make and mar the Future, see how they affect the Void of Future by ever changing visions."

We stood, gazing at the Void of Future. Then he spoke again,"Do you want to see where I live?" I nodded and closed my eyes without his asking. We walked again.

And we stopped. I opened my eyes and saw that I was inside a huge hall made of the finest marble. And it had several windows, some looking at the Garden of Past, others at the Field of Present, while a wide sole window was dedicated to stare at the Void of Future.

"Here, is where I live. Forever", said Time.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fashinable God...

Fashion! Oh Fashion! How various thy guise, how colorful thy visage, how ardent thy students!!!

It is just impossible for me atleast to always find the perfect match for a garment.There are still a lot of unmatched orphan pieces hidden deep inside my wardrobe, waiting to see the daylight.

Fashion is ever changing, there is a Fashion Week every week it seems, colors, palettes, seasons, collections, cuts and silhouettes and what not. Not even world class fashion designers are 100% able to produce good combinations all the time.

There is always this one piece too big or too small, one shade of color that did not match perfectly enough. Some art works of Fashionable Clothing are admired, others just euphemistically 'hmmmm'ed away.

Fall/Winter collections are coming up next, every season has a color. And I was hunting for a perfect fashion master who can create and merge different hues and cuts: none clashing the other. And I found one!

In our God! So blind was I not to see him. As I sat one evening admiring the sunset, the various colors of the sky astounded me. There was this benign sky blue and a hint of purple, a dash of orange, a queer shade of yellow for which I have no name, and amidst this all a bright orange sun, about to set over Indian skies and preparing to rise somewhere else.

I sat there mesmerized, why doesn't my blue ever match with an orange? The harmony between these different shades was beyond words. I would never dare wear anything that has blue and violet and orange and yellow and bright orange all in one fabric. If I did dare to, I am sure the effect just wouldn't be the same.

God does know how to match colors. the butterflies and the flowers and the leaves changing color according to the season too(din't know trees too had their own fall/winter collection!). Tiny shining stars on a pitch black sky, ultimate night wear! And oh how every tree, every leaf is a different green and still all the shades put together makes one beautiful vista

And those snow capped mountains, well they can give any fur capped model a run for her money. Not to mention the many feathered birds and those exotic sea animals. Reminds me of a verse in the Bible(with a tinge of jealousy)

"And why worry about clothes? Look how the wild flowers grow: they do not work or make clothes for themselves. But I tell you that not even King Solomon with all  his wealth had clothes as beautiful as on one of these flowers" Mt 6:28,29

So well while human creations(which generally imitate those from the nature) of clothing have become more and more exotic and beautiful, owing to a lot of new fabrics and ways to cut, color and tailor the clothing, it is still juvenile in its attempt to reach the level of our uber cool, ultra fashionable GOD.

But do not be disheartened, that same fashioned savvy God, fashion you and me too. We are all worthy of a ramp walk!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Christian One-Liners

Oneliners are loved by all, because they are short to read and easy to remember. So here are few of my own. But before you read, three thing I'd like to say:

                                                  Do Read
                                                  Do Practice
                                                  Do Comment ;)

  • Jesus put a CROSS on my sins
  • The Lamb, is my favourite food.
  • Bodyguards are out of fashion, have a Soulguard.
  • Never mass bunk. (for the slow ones: Never bunk a mass)
  • Without God its Efil, with God its Life.
  • Fully fill your self with the Spirit, to fulfill God's plans.
  • Word of God: The multipurpose trouble shooter.

The Misinformation Age

The computers arrived. And then came the internet. Before we all knew it, the internet had us in its ever evolving, ever growing, twisted, crisscrossed web.

Now we are much more "connected" than ever. No place is too far, no one is out of reach. I remember a time when it was considered indecent to call someone after 9pm. Now a chat can go on till wee hours.

Standards have changed, the way of communication has changed, in fact what we communicate itself has changed too. With the rise of social networks, strangers have become more approachable, acquaintances more friendly, friends are reachable almost all day, every day. Nearly all information is a search engine query away.

Be it recipes. or beauty tips, science project or history report, dating tips or dumping tutorials, peace rally events or bomb making, all is available on World Wide Web. News from all over the world, views and reactions of people, past, present, to some extent even future are all over in the internet.

Today, every person worth his/her weight in salt is dumping data into the web. So much information is loaded, exchanged, formed, deformed, edited, updated, misinterpreted. There is no control or measure over what is being written, what is being shared. No proof of the authenticity of the information.

 I now have the power to spread a rumor or a twisted idea or a false information, for my own benefit or just for fun, all over the world. Because I have freedom of speech. And I have an internet connection.

Do we believe all we read? Do we crosscheck it? Has it become our nature to find scandals and if not found to make one? Do we rejoice in the downfall of the famous ones? Is slander and back-biting our only hobby?

Have we turned the golden information age in misinformation age?


Peace is beautiful..... inexplicably calming. The personal peace that settles in the heart and warms up one's entire being....

One can find peace, curling up in the arms of a person who cares..... sleeping on the lap of a mother no matter how old you are....

It is a state where I am one with the world. Nothing against anything or anyone, no doubts, no confusion, no hatred, no dislike, no dissatisfaction,  no remorse, no guilt, no worries, no past, no future, just one simple existence in harmony with the surroundings.

The calm that removes every thought from the mind, where breathing is deep and regular, and mind in a relaxed state. When silence isn't oppressing, instead is soothing.

I crave for that peace. And my Prince of Peace provides it to me, along with love and compassion

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Meal.....

Nothing better than a delicious meal together with the family......

And I enjoy my happy meals every once a week..... sometimes more than once.....

I have my entire extended family together.... and the meal is a celebration...

It fills me up to the brim.... refreshes me, energizes me, and I get to spend time with my loved ones.... and dine with them.

We all sing too, at the feast..... and express our joys..... everyone brings something to offer and we all unite in one accord...

And the Hosts of this Feast always sends out such loving invitations, its hard to resist

"Truly, truly, I say to you, it was not Moses who gave you the bread from heaven; my Father gives you the true bread from heaven.  For the bread of God is that which comes down from heaven, and gives life to the world."Jn6:32

Try saying no to that.....

And having all the family together in such busy times.....

"And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers." "And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart."Acts 2:42 and 46

The Holy Mass is indeed a Happy Meal... a royal celebration, a loving sacrifice.
I cannot do without my Happy Meal, can you?

Thursday, July 14, 2011


The day was bright
As if the first day of the earth
The sky clear, with not a cloud to speckle it
The breeze was merry and so was I

The next day dawned
All bleary and grey
With only clouds and no sky
The wind grew chiller, and my mind dark

The third day arrived, or did it?
I could not tell
so dark, so cold, it rained
I wept...

I thought, all days would be bright and warm
all nights clear and cool;
The changes in seasons
I could not bear

Then I met someone
who taught me to
be warm in heart
cheery and bright

No matter what the day
I shall always arise
bright and clear in heart and mind
Filled with love and glory divine....

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Floaty Boat

I was walking down the longily long road that did not turn left as it was turning right. And up came the fightorators, carrying bullet-shooters under their arms, looking for the robbery-doer on the run.

I stopped one of them, to ask, "Sir, where do you go? To the river, to the park, or to the tavern on the road?"

"Kid,",he answered, "We go neither to the river, nor to the park, nor to the tavern on the road. We hunt for the robbery-doer, a man with a large nose, and with blue timpy boots, a hat on the head and a gold chain around the neck. He hides in the forested jungle, says so our source."

"So you go there", said I, "to capture him and take back the chain. But what if he is armed, in similar fashion like you, with a bullet-shooter under his arm?"

"Nay, we know, he carries no arms. We took his swiglly sword and his ficklye bow, and now we shall the gold chain too. So move on kid, we need to go."

And so he left, with other fightorators, and I came back home, I did not know whether I should have told them, that I had seen a man with a large nose, and with blue timpy boots, a hat on the head and a gold chain around the neck, just crossing the river in a floaty-boat!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lost, but not Forgotten

People who know me, know that I am simply 'wonderful' when it comes to sense of direction, and remembering ways and paths and destinations. I just cannot know, understand, perceive the directions, the nitty-gritties  of finding a route and also the simple right and left!

I call myself,  geographically challenged.

There have been multiple occasions when I've lost my way, and landed in unknown territories..... The worst cases are when I am lost inside a building because I cannot remember which direction the exit doors lie.

I've been in nightmarish situations, not knowing where I am. Completely lost.

I know, all this can sometimes be pretty embarrassing, and it also causes a lot of trouble for others. But then, after a lot of panic and frustration, I've always found my way back home.

The trick is, that I know where my home is, the address, the streets, the near by areas.... I may have lost my way, but I haven't forgotten where I belong.

So, I just ask for directions, take help from others, always managing to come back, running, relieved.

So, losing way isn't the end of the world, if you know where you belong, you will surely reach there by taking help from others.

PS: Any cure for geographically challenged people????

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I wonder...

I wonder why people talk about silence

I wonder why wars are necessary to establish peace

I wonder why we value only the things we do not possess

I wonder why sky does not exist

I wonder what makes the difference between living and non-living

I wonder why regilions are worth fighting for, but not worth living by

I wonder does craving for order, deprive us from the chaotic beauty

I wonder why am I different to different people......

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Quotes IV

Here is another set of quotes, for the previous ones please refer to the following links:
  1. My Quotes
  2. My Quotes II
  3. My Quotes III
So here we go,

  •  Influence means to make people see and feel from our perspective.
  • What you don't know, is mostly what you thought you knew.
  • The best measure of humility is, what you say to yourself when you are all alone.
  • Beliefs need not always be correct.
  • If your eyes won't deceive you, your mind will.
  • Start the day with a fresh smile, not with a stale frown!
  • Love yourself, you are the only one you've got till the end of your life.
  • There is a lot of difference between being different and being odd.
  • Weird, sometimes means too shocking to accept right away.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I sat on the hill top, watching the clouds fly by; and the wind was in my hair. It was nearing twilight and I had to go back home. So gathering the wood I’d collected earlier and tying my hair into a bun, I started walking downhill.

This was my day, everyday. Going into the forest to collect wood for the fire in the afternoon, spending some quite moments on hilltop and then a return journey to my home where mother would be awaiting my arrival to commence dinner preparations. Just another regular day of my life, or was it?

As I was going down the steep road, the weather quickly changed…. Clouds started overshadowing the sky, and within minutes the entire place was covered with darkness. And even though I had been going up and down this path everyday for 5 years, a dread filled me, as I stood there with my eyes turned blind by the sheer darkness around me.

For the next 15 minutes I just stood there, filled with fear and anxiety, carrying the weight of bound firewood under my arm. Half of me was expecting and hoping the clouds would clear if I just waited a little patiently, the other half was too paralyzed with shock to know what to do.

My home was just a 20min walk from here, and I was getting late. I thought of my mother waiting for me, my crying brothers and sisters harassing her as they were hungry, my father who’d worked all day in the coal mine, would now be patiently waiting for his only full meal of the day. As these images flashed in my mind I overcame my fear and started walking ahead.

I had a general sense of direction, and thus was pretty sure that I was heading on the right path. Since it was pitch dark, my progress was slow. But as I slowly adjusted to this temporary blindness, my confidence increased and I started taking more resolute steps. Now thinking, that I had finally conquered this unknown demon who had tried to stop my way; I was now heading to the safety and warmth of my home.

Little did I know that more surprises were ready to meet me. And suddenly while walking, the ground under my feet disappeared and I fell into a pit. A pitch dark, smelly and moist pit. I was not too sure how deep it was, but I definitely couldn’t reach the top with my hands, and again I was too afraid to go and explore its width. If this wasn’t enough I heard the howling of wolves nearby.

So I was either going to be stuck in this smelly pit, or be eaten by the wolves. None of the options pleased me, I began crying, I was too young to die, and there were so many things I had to experience yet. My crying attracted the wolves and they were almost at the brink on the hole; I could see three pairs of eyes. Was I their dinner for tonight?

I instantly began praying, and memories of my life started flashing in front of me, not all were pleasant, my father slapping me when I was 6, my sister breaking my doll, I trying to wrestle my baby brother into the bath tub, my mother stitching a new frock for me… my quarrels with my siblings, my rudeness with my father, me sharing a meal with my two sisters, I feeling ashamed to show my friends my poor hatched house too small to house 7 children…. And so much more….

I did not know when fresh tears escaped my eyes, I didn’t know when the wolves ran away, nor did I know when the clouds cleared up, all I remember was that when I was down in the hole reliving moments of my past life I saw light appearing and slowly I began seeing things.

I have no idea from where I got the energy to climb over a ditch that was more than 8feet deep, nor that how did I manage to gather all the firewood; that got scattered due to my fall; and run all the way back home.

I only remember the strong desire to see my poor parents, to hug my irksome siblings, to be back in my dismally ugly and small home where I felt safe.

When I did reach home, my entire family ran to meet me, and we all hugged each other…. I kissed everyone, told them I loved them. And even though the supplies were scarce the dinner that night had the air of a feast, no family meal that I could remember had been so joyous.

And at night when I was changing into my night cloths I realized, that my dress was torn at few places, I had received several cuts and bruises and my hair could have belonged to a hag. But the mirror reflected a girl who was happy, her entire face lifted up with a content smile, her eyes twinkling in starlight, because by thinking that she was going to lose her everything, she had actually found what her treasures were.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Chronic Constipation

Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww!!! Constipation is when our body is not efficient enough to get rid of the waste. It just remains inside our intestines, rotting.... Total YUCK!!!

And when the constipation is chronic, well it really becomes an everlasting situation.....

Now, before I puke all over the place, lets get to the point. So, when one is chronically constipated, the person cannot get rid of the waste in her/his body.... it just remains there, stuck in the intestines forever.... slowly bringing down the health of the person in question. Also, even with constant efforts which involves applying a lot of pressure(you know what and where) the dirt will not be completely expelled. It becomes painful too to get rid of it.  Well unless the person uses laxatives and eats proper food, the situation will not improve.

Many of us too are chronically constipated. But this constipation is of another kind. We have the waste of sins stuck on our souls, however much we try, we cannot get rid of it, the presence of sin remains within us. Making us spiritually constipated to get rid of the immoral filth within us, and its stays there, rotting, stinking, with all sorts of bacterias(mini-satans) crawling within it..... making us weak from within.... slowly spreading its stench to cover our entire being.... And the habitual sins are of the worst kind.... the stickiest, stinkiest, filthiest and the most stubborn of all. They just don't like moving you know....

To try and get rid of this dirt within us, we need laxatives too..... lucky for us Catholics is; that to us laxatives are freely available.... while on an actual potty seat (eeeeeewwwwwwww again!) we have to do all the work ourselves.... in this case, there is some one to actually help us!

To use the laxative is simple too, just go to a confessional(do make sure there is a priest inside!), kneel down, confess your sins with a repentant heart, and I am sure the loving priest will help you get rid of all the unwanted stuff you have harbored within with the help of the Almighty's love, and you'll be clean again. And fragrant too.....

Wishing you a fragrant, constipation free life!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Keeping Our Hearts in Safe Custody

Oh the most fragile organ of the humans, the delicate, easily breakable, highly sensitive, HEART!

From the day one is born till the day they die, the heart is broken, smashed, crushed, bleeding, shattered, rejected, used, misused, stabbed, betrayed, destroyed on multiple occasions, by various people.... And we are left alone to gather the pieces and join them, just to be broken again by someone else.

But, why do we not learn, why are we all still trapped in this vicious circle of heart breaking and resuscitation and heartbreak again? One thing is for sure, as long as this heart remains with us it is bound to get hurt....

So what do we do? Just as banks have safe custody to store and safe guard our most valuable items, we must also find a safe custody for our hearts....

And what better person to give our heart to than Jesus! What better place to keep it safe than in His own heart.

Try it. It works. No more heart aches guaranteed(unless ofcourse if you've had lots of oily stuff to eat!)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Belly Button

No, I am not going to talk about piercing or some other styles and fashion related to belly buttons.
Every human, born out of a woman, has one. It is a 'scar' caused due to the removal of the umbilical cord which attaches us to our mother. And even though right after our birth we are no longer physically attached to our own mother, the belly button remains as a sign to show us once upon a time we were one body one soul with our progenitor.

 And each child loves his/her mother lifelong; irrespective of the distance between the two, no matter whatever age the child reaches.... The physical ties of the umbilical cord maybe broken, but the emotional ties remain intact, and also the 'mark'(read: belly button) that we belong.

Its the same with our spiritual lives, today we may not be able to see Jesus physically present among us, we may not have an overt experience of His presence in our lives, but we do know deep in our hearts, that we belong to Him.

We too are marked, by His Holy Blood, and though our spiritual 'Belly Button' may not be visible to human eyes, there is no denying that each and everyone of us are His.

So dear friends, do not forget to love Him, and to be for His Kingdom, to grow in His presence, to preserve our Belly Button.

PS: For those of us, who are not able to find their Belly Button, ask the Holy Spirit, he'll surely help you find yours.....

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Guide

I walked down the streets of this new city, looking for a guide. I found one too, he was the best guide around everyone said. And so we embarked on our journey to explore the city.

The guide knew every nook and corner of the city. And for a while I just settled and followed his instructions. But after a while, things changed.

"Ma'am, we need to take a left, there is a beautiful lake some 5 km from here.", said he. "No, I think I'll take the right turn, it seems much more interesting than the left one!", said I. And soon after a bit of arguments and disagreements, I began guiding the guide.

It was good in the beginning, I got to see beautiful sites and vistas, but soon my directions took me to uncharted lands and filth and despair. And I began to whine and complain, accusing my guide to have led me into this dismal city.

He listened silently to all my complains, and said finally, "Ma'am, you would not have landed here, if you'd have taken my directions in the first place. I am the guide madam, its not the other way round".

Are we doing the same thing with God, giving Him a set of instructions to work on while we bid our time trying to find what we want in life, or do we get the Ultimate Guide to take the steering and lead the way.......

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Blue Jeans

I have a pair of blue jeans. Everyone does. I've had it for years now. Its old and rugged, lost its color a bit, and is almost white at knees. But I love wearing it.

We all know that jeans has this almost magical quality of getting better with age(hope we all did!). The more I wear my blue jeans the better it becomes, to the extent that I am more comfortable in it now than I was on the day I bought it.

I am attached to it. It is my comfort wear. In the coming years it might start fraying at the hemlines; but I am still going to love it. Blue jeans is definitely the one old piece of clothing which we don't feel like throwing away or donating.

There is one more thing in my life that has the qualities of a blue jeans. The more I use it, the more it seems to fit me better. The older it gets, the dearer it becomes. Its my Bible.

Okay, may be my bible doesn't have dog-eared pages, but hey, its not brand new either! When I first acquired the current one, it wasn't much fun. As the time progressed, I started loving it, the touch, the feeling of turning those ultra-thin pages and of course the messages within.

Now with the bible also it all depends on the 'blue-jeans-principle'. The Blue Jeans Principle states that:

"The comfort and fitting of the blue jeans is directly proportional to the amount of time you spend in it"

So the 'The Bible Principle' will be somewhat like this:

"The understanding,acceptance and relevance of The Word is directly proportional to the amount of time you spend with it "

So, dear friends, if you are not very comfortable with your bible, if finding the right book in it is almost an impossible task, try "The Bible Principle". It always works!

PS: If anybody knows where to find a jeans cover for my Bible, do let me know. I am looking for one.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Reporting or Repenting

I am a regular confessor.... not that I am boasting or anything. But I formed a habit of going and having a confession every month or so. And now I am regretting this habit.

Not that the 'habit' in itself is bad or I do not like it, but for the fact that it became a routine for me instead of a sacrament.

So now, Rujuta goes to the confessional, kneels  down and says, "Father, forgive me for I have sinned...." and goes on a list of the sins.... It is as if I am going for a duty call and reporting the on-goings. This a mere recitation of I did this, I did that, I did not do this, I did not do that, blah blah blah..... and once my well prepared speech is over I ask for absolution.

Confession, is not a report giving ceremony of the wrongs that we have done, instead it is a sharing; a loving come back into the sheep fold of our Father, it is the sweet 'I am sorry' that we say to our loved ones when we know that we've hurt them.... It is the acknowledgment of the acts that we did, that took us away from our Lord, and most of all it is a LOVE OFFERING to our Lord....

Dear readers, I believe that there is nothing more dear to God the Father than hearing this child say, "Sorry Daddy, I was lost, but now I am back!"

It is not the magnitude of your sin, but the depth of your repentance that counts. He forgives.