Thursday, October 18, 2012

Why Do Women Cry?

"Mom, why do women cry?", asked David to his mother. David was about to get married in a weeks time and was trying to take a crash course from his mother on women, to better understand his wife-to-be.

"David, a woman cries for a lot of reasons, but basically its her way of expressing whenever she's overwhelmed with emotions. She cries for reasons happy, and she cries when too stressed. She cries when it hurts, physically or emotionally or sometimes both.

A woman cries over many things, but she weeps when only in pain. There are many things in this world that make a woman weep, make sure you are not one of them!"

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Places and what they stand for...

When I hear someone say some city/state names, following is what I actually hear:

Mumbai - shopping, shopping and more shopping!!!

Bangalore - Hangout! Chill!

Shillong - NATURE! Food! Shopping! And lots of rain!

Kerala - Food, nature, lots of humidity and heat, kappa meen curry!

Ahmedabad - Friends, food, shopping, food, movies and did I mention food?

Gandhinagar - Super green chill out point!

Pune - Hangout

Baroda - chillout

Goa - Beaches!

Mt. Abu - Cold, temples, kinda boring.

Girnar - Steps, steps and more steps! Breathtaking view.

What about you? What are the things that pop up in your head when you hear the name of a certain place you've been to?