Friday, August 3, 2012

I've Hit the Writer's Block!

That's it. I've hit the Writer's Block! Whoever thought it doesn't exist, its false. There is a writer's block, it very much exists, and you can very well be trapped in there. I just hope I am not trapped in here for long.

How did I know I hit the writer's block you ask? Well it's easy, I have been meaning to write my next post, something magnanimous, something piercing, a masterpiece that shakes up people's intellect, or maybe a touching story, an inspired post, a piece that calls upon a revolution! But try as much as I may, I just end up with empty hands.

Its a vicious cycle I tell you. A brilliant idea strikes, I start building it up in my mind, and when I know the idea has grown up enough to be committed to written word... PUFF! Its gone! And all I am left with is some shady memory of what originally was the most profound thought that ever came to my mind. But that is not the end of the cycle. I still take up the writing with whatever caricature is left with me of the original idea, the more I write upon it, the more it disgusts me till I reach a point where I trash the entire post. And then I wait for another brilliant idea to strike!

I have nothing to write! Words betray me. Ideas abandon me. The 'New Post' button mocks me.

So ladies and gentlemen. It is official! I am suffering from writer's block, anybody there to bail me out?


  1. Believe me Rujuta. When you come out of this block (you'll know when you are out of it), you'll write a really good piece. Trust me.

    Till then you can simply read, read and read.

    Take this block as an advantage in disguise. Keep off writing for as long as it takes, do not force yourself. It'll all come back one fine morning.

    1. Hope you are right! (fingers crossed)

      Thanks for the understanding n encouragement!

  2. Hm... I too get blogger's block from time to time. My advise is not to scrap those write ups that you have made. Just publish them or keep it saved. After a period of time when you come back to them you will be amazed with the results.

  3. I agree with Anupam. All the best Rujuta:)

  4. Rujuta, i just found your blog and am checking it out. I know you were looking for someone to do a guest post and was wondering if you found any one. If not, or you need someone else, let me know. I'd be happy to put one together for you. If not that is fine too.

    You can find me at