Friday, August 3, 2012

I've Hit the Writer's Block!

That's it. I've hit the Writer's Block! Whoever thought it doesn't exist, its false. There is a writer's block, it very much exists, and you can very well be trapped in there. I just hope I am not trapped in here for long.

How did I know I hit the writer's block you ask? Well it's easy, I have been meaning to write my next post, something magnanimous, something piercing, a masterpiece that shakes up people's intellect, or maybe a touching story, an inspired post, a piece that calls upon a revolution! But try as much as I may, I just end up with empty hands.

Its a vicious cycle I tell you. A brilliant idea strikes, I start building it up in my mind, and when I know the idea has grown up enough to be committed to written word... PUFF! Its gone! And all I am left with is some shady memory of what originally was the most profound thought that ever came to my mind. But that is not the end of the cycle. I still take up the writing with whatever caricature is left with me of the original idea, the more I write upon it, the more it disgusts me till I reach a point where I trash the entire post. And then I wait for another brilliant idea to strike!

I have nothing to write! Words betray me. Ideas abandon me. The 'New Post' button mocks me.

So ladies and gentlemen. It is official! I am suffering from writer's block, anybody there to bail me out?