Sunday, September 16, 2012


If standing up against someone/something doesn't work, kneel for them/it.

Disclaimer: The image has been sourced from Google image search. The quote is my own.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Gearing up for Monday Morning - Let's Create History!

It's Friday and many of us must have already planned out our weekend. But what about the dreaded Monday? Mondays are not to be dreaded. Read on...

It’s the start of a new week; a new day has begun, and while we are at it let us play our parts well. Put a smile on someone’s face, give the one in need a helping hand, hold on a little more to that desperate situation, trust the least trustworthy, fill the days with life, kill hostility with laughter, fill boredom with purpose and most important of all, let us create history.

You and I are here, not to wake up do our respective jobs, eat, drink and to back to sleep again. No. We are here for a higher purpose; we who are born in this age of the world, in this time of the history have a bigger purpose, a higher responsibility, to leave a better world for the next generation to inherit.

But what can one person do to create history? Yes I know that not all are recognized in the chapters of history and there are many unsung heroes, but our purpose of living is not to get our names in the history textbooks or to get a monument made for us, our purpose is to be our best in the days and time that is given to us to improve our world.

Be it the small act of helping the marginalized, or breaking the barriers of caste system, be it about being vocal about the gender prejudices or standing up against a corrupt system, every bit counts. You may not be featured in the news papers; you may not even succeed to eradicate what you stood against. You won’t see overnight results, but you will create a ripple, which will be noticed by few, a ripple which will grow and spread, slowly but steadily and you my dear friend will be the one who has set a stone rolling to change the course of history.

This Monday, wake up to create history!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I love surprises, specially the ones that leave me happy! I got one such surprise when Karen Blessing, of Baking in a Tornado decided to present me with the Liebster Blog Award (she did this quite a while ago but I took a long time to actually believe that it was a reality). So now I have to answer her questions and chose my own 11 award winners to spread the blog-love that I got.

So here goes:

  1. How many total blog entries have you posted? - 113 Posts
  2. Do you have a favorite entry that you've posted? - Yes I do, its My Date With Time
  3. Do you work at promoting your blog? - Not much!
  4. Have you ever had writer's block? If so, what did you do? - Yes, currently suffering from an acute one, and I have asked a few fellow bloggers to guest post on my blog while I deal with my block.
  5. Whats the greatest impact blogging has had on you? - Through years it has shown me how I have grown, when I look back to my old pieces, it's a bit of my own old self captured in there.
  6. Who has been the most help to you in your blogging? - All those kind people who have followed my blog and commented on it, given me courage to go on.
  7. What's your leisure activity (besides blogging)? - Reading ofcourse.
  8. What's your favorite time of the year and why? - CHRISTMAS! For obvious reasons!
  9. If someone rings your doorbell and you are in the middle of getting down a thought for your blog, do you answer the door or keep writing? - Write hastily in shorthand, answer the door, get back to writing!
  10. Boxers or briefs? Sorry don't answer that, just wanted to see if you are still paying attention! - That was a cheek!
  11. Has blogging become an addiction? Do you think we all need an intervention? - Uh... Ummmm... Yeah... Maybe... I'll go and feed the cat!

Now ideally I have to ask 11 questions to next 11 bloggers to whom I will be passing on this award... But I am feeling so lazy, that I would ask my readers to just add their blog link in the comments and claim the award! Esay peasy! :)