Monday, August 20, 2012

She Soaks No More...

The day began and so did her chores. It was the same routine everyday, wake up, cook breakfast, feed the children, dress them, feed hubby, dress him partly too (she wondered how he managed not to see things that were right in front of his eyes!), and once all left home, the ritual of washing and cleaning began. The dusting and sweeping the house would take the rest of the morning and then it was time for the dirty laundry.

And when I say dirty, I mean totally, terribly dirty. How did her kids managed to get so many stains on their clothes was beyond her, and she always dreaded cleaning them afterwards. Today again was no different. As she carried the hamper of dirty clothing towards the washing machine, she sighed. She sorted the laundry into "the dirty" and "the very dirty", she sighed even more when she saw that most of her laundry fell under the very dirty category. She'd have to soak again.

She never had free time for herself, she was always busy doing something for someone. As she mixed her washing powder in the bucket full of water, she mixed her thoughts with despair, as her arm went into the bucket and ran in circles, she brooded over her decision to quit the job on the arrival of their second child. She did not mind being a stay-at-home mom, but she deeply craved some time for herself. One by one she soaked the clothes into the detergent solution, and as each of the clothing was drowned in the bucket, she was drowning herself in self pity and frustration. Finally when she had added the last of the clothes, she waited for them to be soaked for half an hour, while she soak herself in sorrow. She was losing herself in the lost days of happiness, and soon her face was tear stained.

It was the same routine everyday. Soaking daily, the clothes in the detergent that didn't seem to help much, and herself into misery which didn't help much either.

Three months later...

She couldn't believe she would ever find happiness again, and in such amount. For months she had been soaking in hopelessness, but now she was free from it! It had been a mere accident that had made this drastic change in her life.

As she mindlessly added stuff to her cart while shopping for home supplies, she just happened to add Surf Excel Matic  to her cart. She didn't have anything particular in mind at that time, she just wanted to try out this new detergent. Once home, while she was arranging the bags of goods she had brought, her eyes fell on the Surf pack, the word 'vibrating molecules' had caught her eye!
She shrugged it off! No more soaking because of some vibrating molecules thingy sounded too far fetched! But later she decided to try it. And voila, did it work! Her clothes could not have been more cleaner. Now she was saving almost 45mins that she usually wasted in soaking and scrubbing before turning the clothes in the washing machine.

What was more, with no time to spend in self pity, her spirits actually lifted up. She now found time to do things she actually wanted to. Try out new hobbies, experiment with a new recipe or just catch up with a new song on radio, days went by and from a stay-at-home gloomy mom, she turned into a stay-at-home happy mom.

This post is for the Indiblogger contest " Soak No More" powered by Surf Excel.