Monday, October 6, 2014

Tiger Killed A Boy

All this hullabaloo about the white tiger killing a boy who fell into the tiger's enclosure made me wonder about so many things.

  1. Over hyped media reaction? - Now I know its not every day that a person enters inside a tiger's enclosure in a zoo and never comes out alive. But I do feel that the whole incident was over-sensationalized. As soon as the news was reported the whole of Social Media was flooded with pictures and videos and various stories of what actually happened.
  2. The Blame Game - This one was the most amusing aftermath. Some were blaming the tiger, others the zoo authorities, some the boy who jumped in, some the by-standers. There were memes and slogans and jokes and articles and misinterpretations and misrepresentation to pinpoint one culprit for the death of the youth.
  3. A Weird Source of Entertainment - It all started with headlines saying young 'boy' was 'mauled/killed' by a tiger. And then every single person with access to internet was hooked to any news regarding the incident. Watching the pictures and the videos of killing became a morbid source of entertainment. People don't care whether the 'boy' was 20 or 22 (reports are contrary) nor did they care whether he jumped in willingly or accidentally fell inside the enclosure. The YouTube video of this incident has gone viral and the comments people are writing makes me wonder whether there is a drop of humanity in some or not. A man died! How on earth can that be entertaining? After all these years of development and advancement, is the human mind still barbaric?
What do you think about this whole affair? And whom do you thing was responsible? Do let me know in the comments below!