Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Broad B@nd~ A Band of Computer Engineers....

Presenting a band made of computer engineers... Here's the lyrics to their first worldwide hit....
Put your hands together for....
Broad B@nd

        Oh I need to meet the deadline
        Gotta make this code work fine
        The requirements and specifications don't match
        Yet I am paid twice my worth, so whats the catch?
        Me, the bestest student of my batch
        Now am sitting on a design egg
        Dunno when it'll hatch
        Oh I need to meet the deadline
        Gotta make this code work fine
        The Gantt Chart is made, still dunno what to do
        200 lines of code, what it does, no clue
        Oh I am suffering with pre-development blues
        sleepless nights! sleepless nights!
        Got that funky UI! PHEW....
        Oh I need to meet the deadline
        Gotta make this code work fine
        The launching day is here, they say
        I've worked on this project night and day
        My baby application will take its first steps today
        I squeal, I dance, like a 3 year old
        Some like, some don't, who cares what they bray.
        Oh I finally met the deadline
        And am sure my code works fine!(?)

P.S: This obviously is a figment of my imagination... But the lyrics are my own so DON'T TOUCH! Oh, and I am not paid twice my worth, I am one of those under paid, over worked employees....

Is Your God Mute?

I was once watching a TV show on mute(don't ask me why), and I could see the video, the characters with various emotions on their faces, talking, doing stuff, joking....

I could see everything, a crystal clear image, but with the sound on mute, it made little sense... I could not enjoy that show. Once the volume was up again, the show made so much more sense, it become very enjoyable, the jokes were funny once again, I could understand the characters and the situations they were in. With the volume turned on I felt like I was a part of the show.

Sometimes in our lives, we tend to turn off God's voice. Yes we still can see His miracles, His wonders, His marvels, but somehow we remain untouched, confused, directionless even after witnessing glorious events around us, don't we?

What we forget is to tune into God's hotline and listen to what He has to say through each event, each action in our lives. Sometimes it is even worse than turning off God's volume, we not only turn God's voice off, we add our own rattle, babble, chaos to our life.

I remember being in a situation, where I could see all, hear nothing and I cried out in exasperation, "Oh God! This doesn't even make any sense...."

And I got a funny reply,"Did you try to listen to the commentary that was running with the visual..."

Oops! Missed it!

Well now I know I can't afford to keep God on mute, can you?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Minor Basilica that I couldn't help but adore

When I visited the Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount(aka Mount Mary), Bandra, Mumbai; I was filled with an awe. I stood there stupefied in the church compound, jaws dropped, eyes popping out, trying to take in the entire architecture...

The Exteriors

 A quasi-gothic architecture, pointed arches, spires, nave, transcept, ribbed vault.... It was beautiful beyond words.

 More than a 100years old, this Basilica has been a place of worship for people of every religion. In modern day Mumbai, the church takes you back in history of colonial rule under which this church was built.

Standing outside, trying to take in its beautiful form filled me with various emotions, I felt very small and inconsequential, in front of this giant structure, I felt so proud and lucky to be able to see 100+ years of love, worship, faith that exuded from this place. Its majestic appearance was a reflection of the majesty of the Lord it served.

The two spires reminded of the Glory of Christ, the transept and nave, a symbol of the Cross and the divine sacrifice.

The Interiors

 If the exteriors where awe inspiring, the interiors where jaw dropping, the nave, the aisles, the ribbed vault, the choir(as in architecture), the clerestory, the sanctuary, the main altar, the chancel, the cupola....

Ribbed Vault, though not captured clearly



Resurrected Lord


Crucifix within the Chancel

Jesus, on the left of the main altar

Mother Mary


Everywhere that I laid my eyes I was filled with wonder, and my heart on its own began a worship of God, before I knew I was engulfed with the power of a presence, beyond time, beyond borders, beyond limit, drawing me closer to a Living God, wondrous and mighty, holy and eternal...
                    I will be back here...

Note: For my lovely friends and readers, who did not follow majority of the architectural terms, I am sorry to have confused you, but I am sure you will agree that this place is awesome.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


The Holy Bible, the Eucharistic celebration, the sermons, the preachings and teachings all tell us about the LOVE.

The love of our Father who saved generations by having mercy on them, the love of the Son, who allowed sinners to kill Him, so that our sins may be forgiven, the love of the Spirit, that keeps us moving forward, holding the fort against evil.

For years I have been trying to understand this unconditional, unmeasurable, unchanging, non-demanding, liberating, selfless, forgiving, merciful, LOVE.

Why does our Triune God love the world so much? Why does He keep forgiving our transgressions? Why do generations after generations fail and fall into evil, just for Him to lift them up and love them still?

Why He loves me? A weak Catholic who has many flaws?

I kept asking these and many other questions. But slowly a realization dawned on me.

It is not for me to understand His Divine Love, it is for me to accept it.

Accept it as a fact of my life, as a fact that the world is the way it is because He loves. That is what He does. For my part I have to love Him back the way I can, not to sit and analyse it, not to try and understand it.

Simply put, if there was a "Why" i.e a reason for God to love us, the moment that reason was gone, so would His love be gone. But that is not the case, is it?

So well this small, sweet voice in my heart told me," Let Him love you girl, all you have to do is accept this Love, and feel its presence everywhere around you."

He Loves You,
It is upto to you to accept it or ignore it or to question it like me.

But whatever you do, the fact remains.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Inside Every Sinner is a Heart of a Saint

Who is a saint? 
The person who has been canonized by Vatican? Ones with a halo around their  heads? A person who is humble, does miracles, is always doing Godly things?

To be downright honest, I don't know, how to define a saint.

What I do know is that anyone, yes just anybody, of any race, any gender, any religion, any age can be a saint. 

Yes we are born with a sinful nature, yes living in this world has now become lot more tough than what it use to be. But what we always tend to forget is that we have a Great God, who is also our father, and we have Jesus, who died for our sake. Now all we have to do is ask, act and love.

ASK God to help us be a saint
ACT according to His Will
LOVE everyone alike

Just give it a try, I am trying it too. I know it will be hard, you'll have your pitfalls, but don't give up.

Try it, you might get a halo!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Quotes II

Here are some of more....

  1. Death is not an event, its not a state. Its like passing from one room to another through a door, and you call that door, death.
  2. Your enemies are here to get the best out of you.
  3. Outcomes are only limited to our imagination.
  4. People laughing at you are not making fun of you, they are just trying to make up for their prejudices.
  5. Be the best of what/who you are, not the second best of what someone else is.
  6. 'I love you' is the most selfish sentence, I keep myself first and you are thrown in the last.
  7. Gravity pulls you, God only nudges you.

I AM, therefore I am.

When I think about my Existence, on this planet... from a particular moment of time, till the death of my body, I wonder: whom do I owe my existence to?

Is it a mere accident? From conception, to development in the womb of my mother, from drawing my first breath after my birth, to becoming a thinking, talking, walking, eating individual, its more than a coincidence, that I exist in a particular country, for a particular time span, doing things I do, meeting people I meet, changing, making, bending, breaking, mixing, fixing, living....

I am here to 'be' and to 'do'.

I am a part of a purpose, a greater plan, which I cannot fully comprehend.

The Maker, created me, to be a part of my family and give them love, joy, sorrow, tears, anguish, agony, pain, fulfillment, pride, accomplishment, assurance and a whole lot of other things that builds every individual of my family(by family I mean my extended family, including my friends and dear ones), and makes them strong to face the world.

I am here, because HE is here, because He wants me here, because He has a plan. A great plan, for me, for you, for all of us.

And so I say,

I AM, therefore I am.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Person I love talking to.

She is always there when I want to talk. Always.

When I am down, feeling like the most wretched person on earth, she's there to lend an ear. When I'm jumping up and down; as excited as a 3 year old, she's there to share my excitement.

    When I'm anxious, she's there; mad with joy, she's there, doing crazy things, she's there; hunger pangs 3o'clock in the night, she's there; feeling sick, she's there;bad hair day, she's there... well the list is endless.

I just love talking to her, she seldom interrupts, and when she does its always with gems of wisdom(no not the out-of-the-world, utterly unrealistic wisdom, its the kind that I can understand and follow).

She knows what I mean when I say,"No, I am totally fine, just a li'l put off thats all", when I am actually dying with anguish. Her listening abilities have always controlled my mood swings.

So you ask me who she is?

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Hold your breath for the one and only.....


Well, I am always with me, I love talking to myself (not loudly though!). Try it! Be your own best friend.

Lots of Love,

PS :No I am not suffering for split personality or multiple personalities disorder...

How I start my day...

All those who are not interested... Leave immediately...

Just wanted to share my morning activities...

  1. Wake Up(most important).
  2. Thank God(for all.... well almost all...)
  3. Fix my self (includes bathing and stuff...)
  4. Have breakfast. (most important meal of the day)
  5. Get Ready for work.(not one of my favorite tasks)
  6. Reach office
  7. Go to the washroom, look into the mirror, smile at myself and say 'You Look GREAT!'(I really do, always, every day...)
  8. Do step 7 as often as required.

Boring you say? Lies may be for some... Well, I think not...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Quotes

Well here is a list of my quotes....

  • Don't try to control life, instead try to control yourself.
  • What makes me different; makes you unique too.
  • Life can be harsh, but only for those who are not prepared for thunderstorms.
  • If you want bread, bring your own flour.
  • Shouting is acceptable only when the person nearest to you is a mile away.
  • Traditions are habits passed down through generations.
  • Try everything else before trying violence.
  • When life throws you, did you try bouncing back?
  • Sharing is a noble act, but only when you share it with the one who needs and not with the one you like.

There are more of these... will post them on a later date.

If you've heard, read, seen any of these quotes before, well I only have to say that someone had similar thoughts. 

Disclaimer: The above mentioned quotes are mine and mine alone, any similarity found among these and other quotes is purely coincidental, if you still feel I've ripped it off someone else' website/publication do let me know about it with proper references to support your claim.