Thursday, September 23, 2010


The Holy Bible, the Eucharistic celebration, the sermons, the preachings and teachings all tell us about the LOVE.

The love of our Father who saved generations by having mercy on them, the love of the Son, who allowed sinners to kill Him, so that our sins may be forgiven, the love of the Spirit, that keeps us moving forward, holding the fort against evil.

For years I have been trying to understand this unconditional, unmeasurable, unchanging, non-demanding, liberating, selfless, forgiving, merciful, LOVE.

Why does our Triune God love the world so much? Why does He keep forgiving our transgressions? Why do generations after generations fail and fall into evil, just for Him to lift them up and love them still?

Why He loves me? A weak Catholic who has many flaws?

I kept asking these and many other questions. But slowly a realization dawned on me.

It is not for me to understand His Divine Love, it is for me to accept it.

Accept it as a fact of my life, as a fact that the world is the way it is because He loves. That is what He does. For my part I have to love Him back the way I can, not to sit and analyse it, not to try and understand it.

Simply put, if there was a "Why" i.e a reason for God to love us, the moment that reason was gone, so would His love be gone. But that is not the case, is it?

So well this small, sweet voice in my heart told me," Let Him love you girl, all you have to do is accept this Love, and feel its presence everywhere around you."

He Loves You,
It is upto to you to accept it or ignore it or to question it like me.

But whatever you do, the fact remains.

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