Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cow Dodge


Move along Angry Birds, Cow Dodge is the newest game in town. I play it regularly its super fun and super easy to learn and play. The rules of the game are simple
  1. Select a vehicle of your choice
  2. Drive it to your destination
  3. On the way you either meet cows, buffaloes, herds of sheep and goats and of course pedestrians and other vehicles, you have to dodge them all.
  4. You get to dodge an entire herd of raging bulls at the boss level.
  5.  5 points for dodging each cow
  6. 10 points to dodge a buffalo
  7. 50 for a herd of other cattle
  8. 2 points if you don't kill crazy crossing pedestrians
  9. Points for how quickly you reach your destination.
Clear? Isn't it fun enough? I play Cow Dodge daily, morning while going to office and evening while returning home, weaving my way through the endless stream of crazy animals on road!

What about you? Have you played Cow Dodge too?