Monday, June 25, 2012

Is This the Future of India?

India, a densely populated country, the second largest in terms of population. Where for more than 15 years I have been hearing the slogan 'Hum do hamare do'.

India, also one of the world's youngest nations, where more than 75% of the population is below 35. A nation on rise, to grow as a strong economy.

We want to control this growing population, we want fewer people, fewer children and accept it or not fewer girls. We are trying to mainstream contraceptives and to trivialize abortions just as a small procedure. We have become a country where anyone who has more than two kids are called careless and uncivilized, a place where we are trying to brainwash innocent tribals to stop procreating.

China, the only country that has more population has a strict 'One Child' policy has now taken harsh measures to forcibly abort the second child of anyone who fails to pay the penalty of bearing another child.

Population control has become an obsession among these killers, where recently a mother was forced to abort her 7 month old unborn child. She was taken by the officials against her wishes to a hospital where the abortion took place/ Above is the picture of the mom and her aborted baby read the full story here

Why are we against life? Why are we against humanity? In an uncontrolled craze to try and monitor population growth are we forgetting that reproduction is a gift that helps us to recreate ourselves and leave a new life behind?

Fertility is not a disease. The child within a womb is not a mass of tissues. It is life. It must be preserved and cherished.

Don't let this be the future of India, where there are only old people and very few children, where desperate mothers are manhandled and forced to abort their child. Where the innocent girls and women are considered a 'problem' because of your ability to get pregnant and are treated to be infertile.

Say NO to abortions. Say YES to life.