Wednesday, June 6, 2012

10 simple ways to get more out of your life

So you want more out of your life? And you are struggling to live life to the fullest? Fear not, here's a tried and tested list of how to live life to the fullest by simple means.

Maintain a Routine

1. Maintain a routine: Maintain a fixed routine. A proper wake up time, fixed meal times, and regular bed time. Trust me you won’t get anything done if you don’t follow a proper routine. If you wake up at 4:00am on one day and at 10:00am on another, your work, lifestyle, productivity and most importantly your health will suffer. If you want max out of your day. Follow. A. Routine.

Break the routine

2. Break that routine sometimes: Yes it is very important to follow the routine that you’ve set if you want a balanced and healthy life, but don’t be stuck up in it that the routine starts to take away your life. The routine should help you manage your life and your daily hours to do your best without turning you into a machine. Deviate from it once in a while.

Acquire a Hobby

3. Acquire a hobby: The one that can raise your mood, hold your interest, and help you through rough patches in life. A man without a hobby is a dead man. Develop interest in some art form or other activity and maintain and develop if all life long. The hobby will see you through your life when nothing else will.

Move on

4. Move on: Failed terribly in an attempt? Move on. Won that most coveted item? Move on. Fought with your parents/siblings/friends? Move on. Were just awarded ‘Employee of the Year’? Move on. Don’t rest on past laurels, don’t ponder on past mistakes. Just move on.

Be Yourself

5. Be yourself: I know you get that a lot. Especially on the internet. But that is because it is cent percent true. Be yourself. However stupid, lame, unpopular, idiotic, loser you may be considering yourself to be, just be yourself. Let the detrimental comments of others not affect you. Which does no mean you shouldn’t improve. It means be the best of you, but be yourself.

Expect Less

6. Expect Less: The more you expect something from someone the less likely you are to do it yourself and the more time you will waste in waiting for it to be done by the one you expect to do it. (Read again slowly.)


7. Smile: The single most important task of the day. Smile at the people you meet. It will brighten your own day too.
Don't Take Yourself too Seriously

8. Don't take yourself too seriously: Sometimes we tend to be too hard on ourselves. Cut yourself some slack. Give yourself a break. And enjoy life at its best.

9. Add life to each day: Whether it is making someone smile, or enjoying the rains or having a pillow fight, do something that doesn't make you feel like you wasted a day.

Do the best with what you have

10. Do the best with what you have: You may not have everything, every luxury or every facility in your life, but do the best with whatever you have. Be creative, be industrious and make the best with the given.