Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Quotes V

More quotes from me!

  • If you want flowers falling on your head, do not stand under a coconut tree.
  • Before throwing dirt on someone, did you realize you must dirty your own hands first?
  • Googling things up on a subject does not make you an expert!
  • Laughter is the defrost button for a cold heart.
  • Never go against the flow, of your conscience.
  • Engineering: The science of developing man-made things by God-given gifts.
  • Do not justify your rigidness by calling yourself a conservative.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It is so easy for people with a fairer complexion to tell their dark counterparts to not feel bad about their complexions, but do know how it feels to stand in a mall beside a clothing rack knowing more than half the colors will clash with your skin tone?

It is so easy for the one who's never been on the fatter side to tell their plump and overweight friends that size doesn't matter, have you ever been at the butt end of all the fatty-jokes?

It is so easy to tell your financially less fortunate friend that money has no value, but have you ever lived a life where you have to give up half of your needs because you cannot afford them?

It is so easy for us English speaking crowd to tell others that knowing English is not that important, have you ever been laughed at your limited knowledge and understanding of the international language?

It is so easy for the popular socialites  to tell a shy loner that being surrounded by people all the time isn't really that important, have you ever spent a new year's eve sitting alone and being ignored?

I have just mentioned 5 blessings. There are more. But the point I want to drive home is, that for us fortunate few who have so many graces and blessings that we were born with, we tend to downplay the other person's pains and heartaches. Yes skin tone, money, weight, language and social skills may not be everything in life, but the world we live in has put a lot of importance in these outward things, let us not dismiss other people's agony and affliction, but let us fill those empty spots with love, consideration and sensitivity. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gujarati Moments of my life

Real moments of my life.

Gujju uncle to mom: Tamari baby bou single che...

Me(thinking): Of course single che, I am 15, do you expect me to be committed at such a young age?

Mom: Haa... Game tetalu khavdavo to pan patadi j rahe che!

Me(enlightened!): Oh... you mean slim.


Gujju girl to me: Hu 'what' aapi ne avi, te apyo?

Me: what???

Gujju girl(showing her index finger marked with ink): Arey 'what' yaar...

Me(enlightened again!): Oh! Vote...


Scene: College AV room, gujju student presenting a topic to gujju sir.

Me - sleeping in the class room

Gujju student - presenting with ultra confidence

Gujju sir - looking for some reason to corner gujju student

Gujju Sir(loudly): But how does it know which John to use?

Gujju Student(Even louder): It does this polling and selects a John closer and perfect to use!!!

Me(wide awake and wondering): John? What is John doing in a computer science subject?

Gujju Sir(exasperated): And how do we know the John is the one to use?

Me extremely confused look up at the projected slide to realize our John is actually a... ZONE!


Gujju Gal 1: Rujuta, mari jode peejho leva chalne...

Me(stumped): Peejho?

Gujju Gal 1: Haa peejho! Bou j bhukh lagi che...

Gujju Gal 2(whispering in my ears): She means pizza!

Me: OHHHH....! Chalo..!


Scene: Me and lighting guy discussing how to set lighting for an event.

Me: I want this particular area to be highlighted, the others lights must be off, only this area should be illuminated.

Lighting Guy: Ok ma'am, I will get fox lights to do the work.

Me: Are you sure, these fox lights will work?

Lighting Guy: Ofcourse ma'am they will, check this out!

Lighting guy demonstrated a spotlight thingy, and fox turned out to be the Gujarati version of FOCUS


Scene: English classes going on in college. Professor has just asked the students to translate 'Mummy e jamavanu banavyu.' into English. Many hands are raised up to give the answer, professor selects one confident looking girl.

Professor: Yes, tell me the English of that sentence.

Girl(with lots and lots of confidence): Mother was cooked!

Me - the only student in class banging the desk and howling with laughter, as the confident girl stares defiantly not knowing where she went wrong...

Note: All of above incidences have been related here in the lightest of the light manner, even though if I have offended someone I am sorry. If you still feel offended, go find yourself some good sense of humor. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

About cats, classes and X-Men!

"So, what do you do in these Catechism classes..?"

"Well... they teach us about Jesus, and bible and prayers, and we watch movies about Jesus' life, and learn new songs and all that!"

"Oh... I thought they teach you how to catch cats!!!"

Yes, I actually had this conversation with a boy in my class when I was at school. I don't remember exactly in which year, but I assure you we both were no more than 10years old. Oh those lovely innocent days of childhood! Since I studied in a convent school, catholic students had a special catechism class every week. I remember feeling all special and different, leaving behind most of my classmates to go attend that half an hour of separate teachings with the select few.

I was ever so proud to be different, to know more about Jesus Christ than the rest of my classmates, to belong to a slightly different group, to have regular confessions and prayers and re-re-re-re-re-screening of Jesus of Nazareth to look forward to, to know how to recite 'Hail Mary..' in addition to the 'Our father' that the rest of my class knew. I loved being privileged.

But as I grew older, I loathed being different, I had this desire to blend in, to be just like every one else. I did not want to be 'Christian' and tell the truth all the time, just to end up earning ridicule from my friends. I did not want to show off how many prayers I knew, in fact, I did not want to show I prayed at all, what would the others think?

I started up catching the worldly cats instead, no more feeling special, proud, chosen. And once when I was recalling my childhood days, the above mentioned memory came into my mind! I want back that pride, that feeling of being special, of showing off to the world that I know Christ and I am different.

A dialog from X-Men: First Class comes to my mind.

Mutant! And proud!.

I want to say:

Christian! And Proud!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I was able to open my eyes today

I was able to open my eyes today,
Because someone prayed for me last night.
I traveled to my workplace without meeting with an accident,
Because my guardian angel was by my side.

I was able to sleep under two blankets,
Because my parents earned it for my comfort.
I have a steady job today,
Because I was lucky enough to receive education.

I have my meals today
Because someone cares to provide me
I have clothes to wear today
Because someone, somewhere sewed it up.

I am not walking bare feet today
For my ancestors kept evolving new ways to protect my feet
Today, I can freely express my thoughts
Because those born before me made this a free country

So many people, so many strangers
Made me what I am.
How can I still call myself
A self made person…?