Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It is so easy for people with a fairer complexion to tell their dark counterparts to not feel bad about their complexions, but do know how it feels to stand in a mall beside a clothing rack knowing more than half the colors will clash with your skin tone?

It is so easy for the one who's never been on the fatter side to tell their plump and overweight friends that size doesn't matter, have you ever been at the butt end of all the fatty-jokes?

It is so easy to tell your financially less fortunate friend that money has no value, but have you ever lived a life where you have to give up half of your needs because you cannot afford them?

It is so easy for us English speaking crowd to tell others that knowing English is not that important, have you ever been laughed at your limited knowledge and understanding of the international language?

It is so easy for the popular socialites  to tell a shy loner that being surrounded by people all the time isn't really that important, have you ever spent a new year's eve sitting alone and being ignored?

I have just mentioned 5 blessings. There are more. But the point I want to drive home is, that for us fortunate few who have so many graces and blessings that we were born with, we tend to downplay the other person's pains and heartaches. Yes skin tone, money, weight, language and social skills may not be everything in life, but the world we live in has put a lot of importance in these outward things, let us not dismiss other people's agony and affliction, but let us fill those empty spots with love, consideration and sensitivity. 


  1. Rujuta This post tell how much thoughtful you are !
    Tell a lot about your personality.
    Look I have always believed its the way how you carry yourself.
    Its always about the confidence !!!