Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I was able to open my eyes today

I was able to open my eyes today,
Because someone prayed for me last night.
I traveled to my workplace without meeting with an accident,
Because my guardian angel was by my side.

I was able to sleep under two blankets,
Because my parents earned it for my comfort.
I have a steady job today,
Because I was lucky enough to receive education.

I have my meals today
Because someone cares to provide me
I have clothes to wear today
Because someone, somewhere sewed it up.

I am not walking bare feet today
For my ancestors kept evolving new ways to protect my feet
Today, I can freely express my thoughts
Because those born before me made this a free country

So many people, so many strangers
Made me what I am.
How can I still call myself
A self made person…?