Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tweeting on the Toilet Seat

Presenting another hit from...
Broad B@nd

Dark circles undr eyes
N I've got weak bones
M tweeting on d toilet seat
4m my iPhone

M connectd 2 all, i knw..
Wen dey laugh,wen dey moan
M tweeting on the toilet seat
From my iPhone

Oh jst luk @ dis video
my baby bro licking ice-cream cone
M tweeting on the toilet seat
From my iPhone

Alwys plugd in, alwys onlyn
We're turnin in2 clones
M tweeting on the toilet seat
From my iPhone

P.S: This obviously is a figment of my imagination... But the lyrics are my own so DON'T TOUCH! And yes, it is a bit sarcastic...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How 'catholic' are we?

Have you ever noticed how every person who stands while you are kneeling during a mass is devil's minion and how every person who genuflects while you kneel is a hypocrite?

Everybody has a set of ideas about spirituality. Some may pray only in trouble, others all the time, some might yell at the top of their voice while singing a hymn(even though they may not know the lyrics or the tune), others may just be happy listening to the choir.

I remember getting the puked up feeling whenever I saw someone breaking down in tears while making a prayer(and many a times it was accompanied by the sound of sucking the snot in!), I also remember snorting at the altar servers; who would turn up sometimes even an hour early and fight among themselves to be the servers for the mass. An most of all I hated the distracting babies who just wouldn't let me pray in peace. Oh how I wished the parents would leave their wailing infants and fussy toddlers at home!

I had my set of rules, my style of praying, my way of behaving, my way of saying the prayers(loud and frequently punctuated with intonations). I thought, mine and only mine was the way that was truly catholic(or atleast was more catholic than others).

But then I encountered something that changed my whole outlook. I was sitting with a dictionary one day, trying to find some new word, and suddenly I wondered whether the dictionary had a definition of catholic.

And guess what, there actually was a definition, and it took me by shock!

catholic(n): all embracing, universal

I sat there, staring at the words. Catholic... All embracing... Universal... 

Slowly it dawned on me that my faith, and the faith of others was the same, the universal faith, and that being catholic was to embrace all those who shared my faith even if they had a different way of expressing it.

So now I don't shudder at the emotional person's crying prayer, nor do I wrinkle my nose on the parents who want to attend the mass and bring their children too so that they may learn something. I no longer mock the loud 'hallelujah' nor do I cringe at the old lady's nasal rendition of a hymn. Because for each of them it is a form of prayer, a form of offering to God, a way to communicate to Him.

Now I have a catholic approach towards my diverse friends in Christ, because they are diverse in expression, not in FAITH.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What are we ashamed of...

Why am I not ashamed of showing abusive hand gestures, but feel embarrassed to use the sign of the cross?

Why am I not ashamed of singing aloud a song with raunchy lyrics, but blush if caught humming a hymn?

Why am I not ashamed of slapping someone publicly but lack the courage to apologize even in private?

Why am I not ashamed of wearing t-shirts carrying obscene messages but hide the cross around my neck?

Why am I not ashamed of spreading rumors to debase someone but shy away from spreading the Good News?

Why am I not ashamed of hearing a dirty joke but wouldn't want to be caught dead listening to religious podcast?

Why am I not ashamed of reading a racy novel again and again, but feel embarrassed to be seen with a bible?

Oh, I could list many more! What kind of culture do I live in, where every condemnable act is commended and the fine art of practicing a religion is frowned upon!

It is 'cool' and 'hip' to sprinkle a talk with as many abuses as possible(and no I am not talking about the occasional rant) and it is a 'fad' to dress up as cheaply as can be allowed(cheap not in cost, cheap means tasteless and vulgar) among the youth and many who have well surpassed the age to be called a youth.

Call it peer pressure or attack of media or blame it on globalization or whatever else that pleases you, but the fact remains that in today's age, more than in any other time or age of this world, is it possible to behave in filthy way and get applauded for it too!

The question which arises is that how is the broadening of our mind and freedom leading us to lewd and profane lifestyle, why and how can the educated and seemingly wise world can't even differentiate between what is good and what is not and still boast of advancement and progress?

And what kind of a progress is it indeed, if it takes us back to being primitive and senseless!

I am young, educated, liberated. So why am I so very much ashamed of doing the right and the good and why don't I give a second thought before something crude!

Luke 9:26 If anyone is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.