Sunday, July 29, 2012

...till I get a son!

Mr. X : So how's your wife?

Mr. Y: She's fine, is inside resting.

Mr X: My wife said she was depressed after the abortion...

Mr Y: Oh! She'll be fine, you know these women na, will shed a few tears and then all will be back on track.

Mr. X: But Mr. Y this is the 5th abortion if I am not wrong, how long are you going to carry this on?

Mr. Y: Till I get a son! I wonder when will my wife give me a son, but one thing is for sure, come what may, I won't let a daughter be born in my household. They are such a burden, these girls....

Mr. X: But today's world has changed, girls are outscoring boys in many areas, there is no difference between a girl and a boy anymore, see how girls have entered armed forces, are becoming pilots, police officers, CEO's of big companies, teachers, nurses, lawyers and what not...

Mr Y: Really? Has India truly changed? What about what happened to that Guwahati girl, and now the recent Andhra Pradesh case, not to mention the whole lot of cases of bride burning, rape, molestation and what not....

Mr. Y had a grin on his face at this point. He took a deep breath and continued.

Mr. Y: I remember my own college days, there was this girl we had teased a lot, and had followed her cycle all the way to her society, just for fun! Being a girl in this country is nothing less than being in living hell, I was 25, and I was in a crowded bus, this 14-15year old girl was there and some old pervert kept pushing into her and rubbing into her, and that one day when in the vegetable market someone touched my wife! When my wife got married to me, I remember how my mother demanded a maruti 800 from her dad, he spent his entire life's earnings to get that car! I don't want to be the father of a girl and worry about her every day, when she is young bring her up and discipline her in customs, and when she grows up worry about her clothing, where she goes, who she befriends, what time she leaves, what time she comes back. I don't want to bring forth a daughter in this world to have her go throw hell, and for me too, why should I gather money to give away to her in-laws, when I can have a son and gather money! I am not killing a girl in her mother's womb! No! I am saving her from a living hell.

My X: I take my leave Mr. Y, I am glad all don't think like you, or there wont be any girls left in India. And be sure of one thing, I will never let my daughter interact with you and your family!

With that Mr. X left, but Mr. Y wasn't convinced, he was happy and content to keep aborting girls and 'saving' them from a bad world, he would make his wife go throw the pain of abortions till he got a son!