Friday, July 6, 2012

Weird facts of Life

Some funny and weird facts about life:
  • In examination hall 3 hours seem like 3 minutes when you know the answers and 3 painfully long hours when you don't.
  • It is easy to remember every single word you crush said to you three weeks back, but tough to remember the grocery list your mum asked you to buy this evening.
  • We are more open about our feelings on FB than on a face to face chat
  • Couch to TV is a huge distance to walk, but running up and down the whole house to search the remote isnt.
  • Weddings are mostly enjoyable, marriage, not exactly so.
  • When you have lot's of money, only silly things up for sale, once you go broke all the good stuff starts popping up on shop windows.
  • Women are simple creatures who live a self-complicated life.
  • The things you want keep running away from you and the things you don't want keep following you. (people too!)
  • We generally measure our worth based on public opinions, sometimes of those who barely know us.