Sunday, March 23, 2014

Helta Skelta

Once upon a time there were two sisters, Helta and Skelta. They had the most active minds of any time. There wasn't a single thought, word or action that could escape the endless loop of their minds. Helta made sure nothing ever came out from the state of constant confusion and Skelta did her best to keep everything under endless misdirection. They lived in a far off end in a dark damp cave.

Many brave men and women who had the misfortunes of crossing the sisters' cave had fallen under their spell and met dirty ends. In a village near by stayed an old lady, who was aware of what happened to all those who had tried to cross the cursed cave. She would try to stop them, her own villagers as well as some travelers from going by that route, but all of them regarded her as a crazy old lady and would not give heed to her words.

So the old lady decided to give the task to her grandson Steady Heady. Steady was a good boy and did his grandmother's bidding. He would stand at the start of the road leading towards the cave and try to warn and reason with each passerby. Some heard him, some did not. But atleast he had more success that grandma Farsight!

Even today the cage lies at the end of Sanity, and many a times the sisters Helta and Skelta get some really juicy victims.

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