Thursday, July 26, 2012

Striking a Match

Striking a match stick is generally for two purposes, it’s either to light something up like a candle, or to set a fire ablaze. A lot depends on how and for what do we strike a match, trigger an event, kick start a conversation, is it to bring light or is it to spread a wild fire.

Our words and actions are almost always accompanied by some sort of reaction, be it by a fellow human or by us. When we utter something, to an individual, a group, a crowd, we activate a trigger, which will have both immediate and everlasting effects. When we take some action, it too has an immediate and everlasting effect. For good or for bad, our actions and words determine a lot of what we will be or what we will end up as in our future. Past, present and future are not totally disconnected. It takes a right move in the past to secure something in the future.

In today’s world where speaking and acting without any moral responsibility towards others has become a norm, we seldom weigh our words before speaking, check our actions before reacting, look around before spitting venom; and hence strike the match to start a fire where originally a light was needed.

Whether you believe it or not, your words and actions do have an effect. Words spoken in darkness only to yourself mold your mind, words spoken in light in front of your company molds theirs. A chain of events are set forth, sometimes by mere words, some for good, some for bad, some to destroy, some to create, some to merely ignite other person’s intellect. Words are not just words, actions are not some disconnected movement, they all come together to shape, form, break, crack, redo, undo our surroundings and our relationships. 

So next you strike the match, be sure of your purpose.


  1. Wow! that was quite a thought - so creative of you to think up all this on something as mudane as striking a match! Nice.