Thursday, July 19, 2012


Krista was walking alone down the crowded street, it was a hot stuffy night, the hawkers displaying their wares, the children screaming and trying to bully their parents, the divas strutting along, flaunting their expensive clothing and fake accents. She was oblivious to all these, on a normal day she would be drinking in the scene and observing various characters, today her mind was preoccupied. She needed to get some work done, or it would be too late.
Her train of thoughts continued as she was going through the list of things she had to do before retiring to bed that night, when suddenly she dashed into another woman. Again, on a normal day she would have said sorry to this young thing, but today, she was too shocked to apologize. This woman was pale, tall, thin, with long black hair, and she was pale, unnaturally pale, except for those eyes, they were dark like death. The woman grinned at her, teeth unnaturally white…
Krista, saw her grin and saw her eyes, a shiver ran down her spine. There was something about this woman, something she just couldn’t put her finger on.
One saw in the other’s eyes and all went dark.
She rose, like a chilly mist, inside a cavernous underground hall. A grin on her face, a trickle of blood running from behind her ear and a vague madness in her eyes. Tonight again she had won back some 20 more years of life and youth, a body of a young woman lay on the floor. What was her name, she did not know. She did not need to know, the girl had served her purpose well. She was a soul that didn’t put up much resistance, her task had been simple, lost souls are always quicker to devour and very delicious to relish.
She wiped the blood from behind her ear, adjusted her clothes and walked out back on the crowded street.
She saw a little pink chubby girl trying to pull her mom into a toy store. She looked at the girl and smiled, the girl smiled back.
“It might be you next, little girl, lets wait and watch,” Krista said to herself as she walked towards her home.