Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Book Review - Rome Sweet Home

The journey of a man, and his wife from being a staunch Catholic-hating Presbyterian to becoming a devout and loving Catholic. 

Since ages I wanted to get my hands on this book, being a cradle Catholic, conversion stories have always fascinated me. This was one of those books that I kept hearing about on and off during my readings of other bloggers and converts, a book about which I had only heard praises. A book which I just couldn’t wait to read.


So when I finally spotted the title a month back my happiness was unending, I immediately bought the book. I devoured the book in two days, lapped everything up that it had to offer.


Scott and Kimberly Hahn have written their conversion story in the most candid and heartfelt way, their unabashed honesty and their clarity of thought is what makes the book so captivating. While reading the book it feels like they are actually sitting across the room talking to us. In their simplicity in writing, the miraculous power of God is portrayed, one can’t help but connect the proceedings in the Hahns lives with the Divine Intervention of God. The story is not only of Scott and Kimberly, and how they found the way back home, it is also of God the Father, Jesus, Mary and other saints and how they nudged and guided them back home. It is a journey of hope and despair, cheers and tears, human follies and divine wisdom but above all, its a journey back home,


The book may not answer all your questions on Catholicism, it is not going to explain to you the theological aspect of every Catholic tradition, neither will it turn you into a Catholic enthusiast in a day. But the book will surely show you the way, to discover your own way back home, the book will definitely give you the inspiration to delve deeper and to get inside your Faith, to know the Faith and know how to defend it.

This book is a must read of all Catholics who are struggling to believe the Church Doctrines and for those who are despairing and doubtful of their conversion to Catholicism.