Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hobbies to Acquire for a Lifetime

A hobby is something you like to pursue in your leisure time. There are certain hobbies (or habits even) that if acquired for a lifetime do us a lot of good. Let us have a look at some of these:

  1. Reading: The single most powerful hobby in the world. And no sir, I do not exaggerate. If you were lucky enough in your childhood to have acquired this hobby I am sure you know what I mean. If you love to read, be it newspapers, comics, novels, non-fiction, heck even a blog, then you are arming your intellect with conversation starters, with the ability to analyze situations faster, with the knowledge on various subjects, you are loading your vocabulary, learning new ways of expressing yourself, and much much more. Reading is one hobby that if acquired for a lifetime will prove to be one of the best lifesavers in many situations.

Bonus: It also makes you look intelligent.

  1. Performing arts: Whether it is singing, dancing, playing an instrument or acting out a role, performing arts of any kind are a worthy hobby for character building. Because all the disciplines of the performing arts require a lot of molding and remolding, you also open yourself up for criticisms and thus it not only strengthens your character but builds a kind of self-esteem instead of ego. Though performing arts may not be directly as rewarding as reading, it definitely is a worthwhile hobby to add to your basket.

Bonus: It boosts your morale and helps relieving stress.

  1. Outdoor Sports: Ah! The one hobby that will take care of your body, mind and soul. Pick up any outdoor sport, cricket, tennis, football, basketball, even golf if you please, learn it, train for it. No one wants you to be a star sportsperson, just learn the game and enjoy playing it. An outdoor sport will not only see that you remain fit by getting some exercise but will even help you build your ethics and your team building power, will teach you what is camaraderie and how to respect your opponent and learn fair play. These lessons will come in handy when you are out their facing the world. Go get your old locked up sports equipment out!

Bonus: It boosts your morale and helps relieving stress, also makes you fit and strong!

These are just the three that I have added here to be in your must-have hobbies. Are there anymore you would want to suggest???