Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What does love taste like…

Love, tastes like the half burnt meal your dad cooked for you while your mom’s away.

Love, tastes like that already licked ice-cream a child wants to share with you for he likes you.

Love, tastes like the blood you suck off from that little girl’s paper-cut finger.

Love, tastes like the poorly brewed coffee your beloved tried to make for you early in the morning.

Love. tastes like a slice of pizza shared among three friends.

Love, it tastes a lot like the cheek of a new-born.

Love, it tastes like the thumb you once upon a time sucked on.

But most of the time, love tastes like a small piece of bread dipped in wine which reminds me of the love above all…


  1. very nice loved it
    sounded like a poem to me

    1. Thanks Shashi... Yes it is a bit poetic...

    2. It's good one though.

      One must pass the test of love. then and then only he / she is eligible to taste it.

    3. When love gets caught in belief systems it changes colors and then transforms in something else.
      Love-Forgivness-Freedom-Banishment, these are state of mind or one can say state of life we all try to figure them out.

      These experiences are never given to someone else they only can be allowed in, into one's life to grow him in a spiritual being. After may years, I now understand that I only allow these so called feelings to remain in me and my experiences follows. Everything sums up in choice. To do or not to do, to be or not to be!

  2. Rujuta, You've summed it up beautifully this.

  3. nice tangled words

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