Wednesday, June 6, 2012

3 blogging mistakes that make you look dumb

So, you have a blog and you want to promote it and want a loyal readership, but do you may have no idea you are looking dumb to your prospective readers by doing some mistakes you weren't even aware of. Follow what is written below and you won't be a dumb blogger anymore!

1. Too many images spoil the blog: Unless you have a photography blog, having more images than the write up, is really not acceptable. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but you must use it sparingly and appropriately. An image should be used to aid you post, to enhance the point you are trying to make, to add weight to what you are saying. It should however never distract your visitors from what you’ve written. A general rule to follow would be to have one image per 3-4 medium sized paragraphs if its a descriptive or creative post, one image per list item if its a list post.

2. Don’t litter your post with punctuations: Punctuations are important to convey breaks, ends, quotes in the written language. But overuse it and you have a dumb post. Ending your every line with ellipsis (…) or adding every third word within the quotation marks, misusing apostrophes, and using bolditalics and CAPS ON too often suffocates the blog post. Add ellipsis, use italics, but only and only when it is absolutely necessary and required to convey something and which adds to the meaning of what you want to say.

3. Don’t publish before thinking: So you went through a stupid situation and simply must vent out by writing down about it, or you were a part of some hilarious event that happened the other day and you want to share it with the world. So you write it down in one single sitting, quickly scan for misspellings and other bloopers and hit publish. And after 3 days, you wish you hadn’t! Think. Think every time before you publish any single post. Is this post going to cause me embarrassment in the future? Am I going to delete it/hide it/deny it five years down the line? If you answer yes to such questions, please do yourself a favor. Don’t publish it. Let it remain in your drafts. 

This isn’t an exhaustive list, there are many other ways you may look dumb on your blog, but in most cases follow the above 3 and you are safe (unless of course you have a great knack of cooking something dumb up in spite of all the precautions!).

Happy Blogging!


  1. worth sharing point :)
    i guess we can add much more points to these

    1. Yes Deepak,
      As I mentioned in the post, this isn't an exhaustive list, just bare essentials...