Monday, May 28, 2012

Use. Misuse. Reuse.

To all those Eco-activists, sorry to disappoint you, this is not a post on recycling.

Humans have changed. Humanity has changed. In today’s world, we all have great networks to remain in touch with our obscure relative who lives at the opposite end of the earth. We have become smart, our communications have become smarter. And we have learnt the art of “instant gratification”.

We use people around us to meet our ends. We misuse the kindness of someone to our own advantage. We are not shy to reuse a poor soul which has already been used and dumped by someone else.

What happened to the great virtues, like kindness, friendship, love and most important of all HUMANITY.

When I was a child, I saw great men and women around me, I saw them forge great relationships, a friendship was never for ones own advantage, a neighbor was never an enemy, the kind bus conductor didn’t think of his own discomfort to let a lady sit on his seat. Where are they now?

Why are we using people, why is a ‘friend’ just a ladder to success or a link to another powerful person, why is a ‘lover’ just there to satisfy ones sexual needs, why we do not bother to get into a brawl where an innocent is being beaten up, why don’t we help our neighbors anymore?

I have met some who only talk to me when they need something, at those times I feel like an ATM, to be only interacted with when they need to withdraw some benefits.

Humans are not things, they are not there for your advantage. Love them, hate them, but don’t use them.