Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I got a tiff with the IPL

IPL, you’ve got it all. The cricketers, the movie stars, the high profile business men and you-can-love-them-you-can-hate-them-but-you-cannot-ignore-them cheerleaders (another excuse for men to keep them glued to their TV set, cricket plus scantily clad women! BONUS!), then there are the merchandise (that people would kill each other to lay their hands on) and I don’t even want to go near the controversies. It’s a powerful magnate, charged with entertainment that has every one captivated, from a 10 year old kid to 60 year old man, and women too have found out through IPL that all cricket matches are not boring. So you now have IPL, its matches and its catches, its star power and its controversies, being discussed by everyone in the offices, on the road side, by the vegetable vendors, at the kitty parties, by house maids. IPL is the talk of the town.

And why wouldn’t it be the talk of the town! IPL offers gossiping material for everyone. You can discuss the performance of your favorite team, you can share views over whether the latest change in some team’s uniform is favorable or not. You have individual team anthems to choose from and also the new avatars of their cheer leaders. Speaking of cheerleading, it has its own fan following, some shout out against the cheerleading squads for corrupting our culture, others ogle and drool over them, some carry around a smug face that they don’t care a thing about these pom-poms carrying girls while secretly grabbing every opportunity to see them dance and twirl. Then there are the appearances and disappearances, reactions and lack of it of the movie star/business tycoon team owners to look forward to.

Throw into this a few controversies and you have a circus!

 Now don’t get me wrong I really got nothing against the IPL. I have watched some of the matches too and enjoyed them. I just want IPL to know that it has everything.

So, IPL, you are cool, you got it all, so will you please let my brother go? He didn’t even look at his dinner while the match was on. 

Hey... whats the score????