Friday, January 13, 2012

About cats, classes and X-Men!

"So, what do you do in these Catechism classes..?"

"Well... they teach us about Jesus, and bible and prayers, and we watch movies about Jesus' life, and learn new songs and all that!"

"Oh... I thought they teach you how to catch cats!!!"

Yes, I actually had this conversation with a boy in my class when I was at school. I don't remember exactly in which year, but I assure you we both were no more than 10years old. Oh those lovely innocent days of childhood! Since I studied in a convent school, catholic students had a special catechism class every week. I remember feeling all special and different, leaving behind most of my classmates to go attend that half an hour of separate teachings with the select few.

I was ever so proud to be different, to know more about Jesus Christ than the rest of my classmates, to belong to a slightly different group, to have regular confessions and prayers and re-re-re-re-re-screening of Jesus of Nazareth to look forward to, to know how to recite 'Hail Mary..' in addition to the 'Our father' that the rest of my class knew. I loved being privileged.

But as I grew older, I loathed being different, I had this desire to blend in, to be just like every one else. I did not want to be 'Christian' and tell the truth all the time, just to end up earning ridicule from my friends. I did not want to show off how many prayers I knew, in fact, I did not want to show I prayed at all, what would the others think?

I started up catching the worldly cats instead, no more feeling special, proud, chosen. And once when I was recalling my childhood days, the above mentioned memory came into my mind! I want back that pride, that feeling of being special, of showing off to the world that I know Christ and I am different.

A dialog from X-Men: First Class comes to my mind.

Mutant! And proud!.

I want to say:

Christian! And Proud!