Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Person I love talking to.

She is always there when I want to talk. Always.

When I am down, feeling like the most wretched person on earth, she's there to lend an ear. When I'm jumping up and down; as excited as a 3 year old, she's there to share my excitement.

    When I'm anxious, she's there; mad with joy, she's there, doing crazy things, she's there; hunger pangs 3o'clock in the night, she's there; feeling sick, she's there;bad hair day, she's there... well the list is endless.

I just love talking to her, she seldom interrupts, and when she does its always with gems of wisdom(no not the out-of-the-world, utterly unrealistic wisdom, its the kind that I can understand and follow).

She knows what I mean when I say,"No, I am totally fine, just a li'l put off thats all", when I am actually dying with anguish. Her listening abilities have always controlled my mood swings.

So you ask me who she is?

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Hold your breath for the one and only.....


Well, I am always with me, I love talking to myself (not loudly though!). Try it! Be your own best friend.

Lots of Love,

PS :No I am not suffering for split personality or multiple personalities disorder...

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