Monday, September 20, 2010

Inside Every Sinner is a Heart of a Saint

Who is a saint? 
The person who has been canonized by Vatican? Ones with a halo around their  heads? A person who is humble, does miracles, is always doing Godly things?

To be downright honest, I don't know, how to define a saint.

What I do know is that anyone, yes just anybody, of any race, any gender, any religion, any age can be a saint. 

Yes we are born with a sinful nature, yes living in this world has now become lot more tough than what it use to be. But what we always tend to forget is that we have a Great God, who is also our father, and we have Jesus, who died for our sake. Now all we have to do is ask, act and love.

ASK God to help us be a saint
ACT according to His Will
LOVE everyone alike

Just give it a try, I am trying it too. I know it will be hard, you'll have your pitfalls, but don't give up.

Try it, you might get a halo!

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