Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is Your God Mute?

I was once watching a TV show on mute(don't ask me why), and I could see the video, the characters with various emotions on their faces, talking, doing stuff, joking....

I could see everything, a crystal clear image, but with the sound on mute, it made little sense... I could not enjoy that show. Once the volume was up again, the show made so much more sense, it become very enjoyable, the jokes were funny once again, I could understand the characters and the situations they were in. With the volume turned on I felt like I was a part of the show.

Sometimes in our lives, we tend to turn off God's voice. Yes we still can see His miracles, His wonders, His marvels, but somehow we remain untouched, confused, directionless even after witnessing glorious events around us, don't we?

What we forget is to tune into God's hotline and listen to what He has to say through each event, each action in our lives. Sometimes it is even worse than turning off God's volume, we not only turn God's voice off, we add our own rattle, babble, chaos to our life.

I remember being in a situation, where I could see all, hear nothing and I cried out in exasperation, "Oh God! This doesn't even make any sense...."

And I got a funny reply,"Did you try to listen to the commentary that was running with the visual..."

Oops! Missed it!

Well now I know I can't afford to keep God on mute, can you?


  1. Awesome article rujuta...very thoughtful and witty and true. GOd bless you dear.

  2. Thanks Anish,
    God inspires and I write...

    Keep Praying....