Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Quotes

Well here is a list of my quotes....

  • Don't try to control life, instead try to control yourself.
  • What makes me different; makes you unique too.
  • Life can be harsh, but only for those who are not prepared for thunderstorms.
  • If you want bread, bring your own flour.
  • Shouting is acceptable only when the person nearest to you is a mile away.
  • Traditions are habits passed down through generations.
  • Try everything else before trying violence.
  • When life throws you, did you try bouncing back?
  • Sharing is a noble act, but only when you share it with the one who needs and not with the one you like.

There are more of these... will post them on a later date.

If you've heard, read, seen any of these quotes before, well I only have to say that someone had similar thoughts. 

Disclaimer: The above mentioned quotes are mine and mine alone, any similarity found among these and other quotes is purely coincidental, if you still feel I've ripped it off someone else' website/publication do let me know about it with proper references to support your claim.

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