Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Minor Basilica that I couldn't help but adore

When I visited the Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount(aka Mount Mary), Bandra, Mumbai; I was filled with an awe. I stood there stupefied in the church compound, jaws dropped, eyes popping out, trying to take in the entire architecture...

The Exteriors

 A quasi-gothic architecture, pointed arches, spires, nave, transcept, ribbed vault.... It was beautiful beyond words.

 More than a 100years old, this Basilica has been a place of worship for people of every religion. In modern day Mumbai, the church takes you back in history of colonial rule under which this church was built.

Standing outside, trying to take in its beautiful form filled me with various emotions, I felt very small and inconsequential, in front of this giant structure, I felt so proud and lucky to be able to see 100+ years of love, worship, faith that exuded from this place. Its majestic appearance was a reflection of the majesty of the Lord it served.

The two spires reminded of the Glory of Christ, the transept and nave, a symbol of the Cross and the divine sacrifice.

The Interiors

 If the exteriors where awe inspiring, the interiors where jaw dropping, the nave, the aisles, the ribbed vault, the choir(as in architecture), the clerestory, the sanctuary, the main altar, the chancel, the cupola....

Ribbed Vault, though not captured clearly



Resurrected Lord


Crucifix within the Chancel

Jesus, on the left of the main altar

Mother Mary


Everywhere that I laid my eyes I was filled with wonder, and my heart on its own began a worship of God, before I knew I was engulfed with the power of a presence, beyond time, beyond borders, beyond limit, drawing me closer to a Living God, wondrous and mighty, holy and eternal...
                    I will be back here...

Note: For my lovely friends and readers, who did not follow majority of the architectural terms, I am sorry to have confused you, but I am sure you will agree that this place is awesome.


  1. Its a lovely place..i've been there..
    it gives so much peace

  2. Helo!
    Are you whom I think you are?

    Anyways saw your blog, doesn't allow me to comment even when I followed it...

  3. @ Nish
    I commented in your blog.

    Yes the place does bring peace to a tired mind.

  4. Hye ..i dont know why it dint allow u to comment ..i m first time in this i dont know which settings to do..might be the case ..

    well i've seen your comments now...let me think about it .