Friday, October 3, 2014

Catching a Sun Rise

After a very long time, I woke up at the first light of the day without the assistance of my alarm or my mom waking me up! Okay, maybe not the first light, more like the second or the third light!!! Anyways, I woke up before the sunrise, and what a wonderful feeling it was.

Looking out the window, I could see the light creeping up upon a sleepy world, and that's when I decided to catch the sunrise. So I tip toed out to my balcony and peered outside, directing my gaze towards the East. And all I saw was Neem leaves! A Neem tree was blocking my view. Not being the one to be easily disheartened I ran up a flight of stairs to go to my terrace. And again,  I expectantly looked towards the East. And what do I see? A bunch of buildings!

I came back downstairs and enjoyed the fresh morning air (I live in one of those cities where we still get fresh morning air!) and wondered where the hell did my sunrise disappear. Its seems just a few years ago, all that I had to do to catch the sun rise was look towards the East from my terrace and I'd be greeted with a reddish yellow orb on the horizon.

Now the only sunrise I see is on my iPhone Weather app. So now if I wanna see a real sunrise I will probably have to pay some bucks, go to a specific place, find a sunrise spot and reach there on time! Whatever happened to simple old sunrises from the comfort of your balcony...

PS: I'm glad that towards the west of my house, all that we've got are long green fields and I still have mesmerizing sunsets at my disposal.