Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fashinable God...

Fashion! Oh Fashion! How various thy guise, how colorful thy visage, how ardent thy students!!!

It is just impossible for me atleast to always find the perfect match for a garment.There are still a lot of unmatched orphan pieces hidden deep inside my wardrobe, waiting to see the daylight.

Fashion is ever changing, there is a Fashion Week every week it seems, colors, palettes, seasons, collections, cuts and silhouettes and what not. Not even world class fashion designers are 100% able to produce good combinations all the time.

There is always this one piece too big or too small, one shade of color that did not match perfectly enough. Some art works of Fashionable Clothing are admired, others just euphemistically 'hmmmm'ed away.

Fall/Winter collections are coming up next, every season has a color. And I was hunting for a perfect fashion master who can create and merge different hues and cuts: none clashing the other. And I found one!

In our God! So blind was I not to see him. As I sat one evening admiring the sunset, the various colors of the sky astounded me. There was this benign sky blue and a hint of purple, a dash of orange, a queer shade of yellow for which I have no name, and amidst this all a bright orange sun, about to set over Indian skies and preparing to rise somewhere else.

I sat there mesmerized, why doesn't my blue ever match with an orange? The harmony between these different shades was beyond words. I would never dare wear anything that has blue and violet and orange and yellow and bright orange all in one fabric. If I did dare to, I am sure the effect just wouldn't be the same.

God does know how to match colors. the butterflies and the flowers and the leaves changing color according to the season too(din't know trees too had their own fall/winter collection!). Tiny shining stars on a pitch black sky, ultimate night wear! And oh how every tree, every leaf is a different green and still all the shades put together makes one beautiful vista

And those snow capped mountains, well they can give any fur capped model a run for her money. Not to mention the many feathered birds and those exotic sea animals. Reminds me of a verse in the Bible(with a tinge of jealousy)

"And why worry about clothes? Look how the wild flowers grow: they do not work or make clothes for themselves. But I tell you that not even King Solomon with all  his wealth had clothes as beautiful as on one of these flowers" Mt 6:28,29

So well while human creations(which generally imitate those from the nature) of clothing have become more and more exotic and beautiful, owing to a lot of new fabrics and ways to cut, color and tailor the clothing, it is still juvenile in its attempt to reach the level of our uber cool, ultra fashionable GOD.

But do not be disheartened, that same fashioned savvy God, fashion you and me too. We are all worthy of a ramp walk!


  1. Excellent post dear. God bless. Truly liked d (Fall winter collection line).