Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Christian One-Liners

Oneliners are loved by all, because they are short to read and easy to remember. So here are few of my own. But before you read, three thing I'd like to say:

                                                  Do Read
                                                  Do Practice
                                                  Do Comment ;)

  • Jesus put a CROSS on my sins
  • The Lamb, is my favourite food.
  • Bodyguards are out of fashion, have a Soulguard.
  • Never mass bunk. (for the slow ones: Never bunk a mass)
  • Without God its Efil, with God its Life.
  • Fully fill your self with the Spirit, to fulfill God's plans.
  • Word of God: The multipurpose trouble shooter.


  1. Amazing One Liners, Rujuta.
    Small ideas, beautifully decorated to keep a mind thinking...
    Looking forward to more CAPSULES... ;)

  2. Nice!! Did you actually come up with these on your own?? If yes, damn!! you've got loads of free time on your hands...:):)

  3. Viv, it doesn't take free time, it takes an advanced mind :)

    And yes, all the above are mine....