Monday, May 9, 2011

Belly Button

No, I am not going to talk about piercing or some other styles and fashion related to belly buttons.
Every human, born out of a woman, has one. It is a 'scar' caused due to the removal of the umbilical cord which attaches us to our mother. And even though right after our birth we are no longer physically attached to our own mother, the belly button remains as a sign to show us once upon a time we were one body one soul with our progenitor.

 And each child loves his/her mother lifelong; irrespective of the distance between the two, no matter whatever age the child reaches.... The physical ties of the umbilical cord maybe broken, but the emotional ties remain intact, and also the 'mark'(read: belly button) that we belong.

Its the same with our spiritual lives, today we may not be able to see Jesus physically present among us, we may not have an overt experience of His presence in our lives, but we do know deep in our hearts, that we belong to Him.

We too are marked, by His Holy Blood, and though our spiritual 'Belly Button' may not be visible to human eyes, there is no denying that each and everyone of us are His.

So dear friends, do not forget to love Him, and to be for His Kingdom, to grow in His presence, to preserve our Belly Button.

PS: For those of us, who are not able to find their Belly Button, ask the Holy Spirit, he'll surely help you find yours.....

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