Monday, April 25, 2011

The Guide

I walked down the streets of this new city, looking for a guide. I found one too, he was the best guide around everyone said. And so we embarked on our journey to explore the city.

The guide knew every nook and corner of the city. And for a while I just settled and followed his instructions. But after a while, things changed.

"Ma'am, we need to take a left, there is a beautiful lake some 5 km from here.", said he. "No, I think I'll take the right turn, it seems much more interesting than the left one!", said I. And soon after a bit of arguments and disagreements, I began guiding the guide.

It was good in the beginning, I got to see beautiful sites and vistas, but soon my directions took me to uncharted lands and filth and despair. And I began to whine and complain, accusing my guide to have led me into this dismal city.

He listened silently to all my complains, and said finally, "Ma'am, you would not have landed here, if you'd have taken my directions in the first place. I am the guide madam, its not the other way round".

Are we doing the same thing with God, giving Him a set of instructions to work on while we bid our time trying to find what we want in life, or do we get the Ultimate Guide to take the steering and lead the way.......

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