Friday, June 17, 2011

Keeping Our Hearts in Safe Custody

Oh the most fragile organ of the humans, the delicate, easily breakable, highly sensitive, HEART!

From the day one is born till the day they die, the heart is broken, smashed, crushed, bleeding, shattered, rejected, used, misused, stabbed, betrayed, destroyed on multiple occasions, by various people.... And we are left alone to gather the pieces and join them, just to be broken again by someone else.

But, why do we not learn, why are we all still trapped in this vicious circle of heart breaking and resuscitation and heartbreak again? One thing is for sure, as long as this heart remains with us it is bound to get hurt....

So what do we do? Just as banks have safe custody to store and safe guard our most valuable items, we must also find a safe custody for our hearts....

And what better person to give our heart to than Jesus! What better place to keep it safe than in His own heart.

Try it. It works. No more heart aches guaranteed(unless ofcourse if you've had lots of oily stuff to eat!)