Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Quotes IV

Here is another set of quotes, for the previous ones please refer to the following links:
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  3. My Quotes III
So here we go,

  •  Influence means to make people see and feel from our perspective.
  • What you don't know, is mostly what you thought you knew.
  • The best measure of humility is, what you say to yourself when you are all alone.
  • Beliefs need not always be correct.
  • If your eyes won't deceive you, your mind will.
  • Start the day with a fresh smile, not with a stale frown!
  • Love yourself, you are the only one you've got till the end of your life.
  • There is a lot of difference between being different and being odd.
  • Weird, sometimes means too shocking to accept right away.