Wednesday, December 7, 2011

10 Out of the Box New Year Resolution Ideas

Well, as the New Year approaches, most of us will be looking forward to making those great New Year resolutions that will change our lives for good. But as it turns out many a times, New Year resolutions don’t stick around too well. But maybe the resolutions don’t work because we might me changing wrong things.

Whatever maybe the reason for the new-year-resolution-fail syndrome, here’s a list that is well beyond the regular, tried and tested (and broken) resolutions. Try making one of these resolutions, if it sticks, great! If it doesn’t, well it won’t make much of a difference.

  1. I will buy things in dozens: Since its 2012 you know, buying things in dozen to live the spirit of 12! Whether it is bananas or grapes, or shoes or even cars, everything bought in the year ’12 should be either 12 in number or a multiple of it!

  1. I will say sorry before shouting out in rage, instead of after: Somehow, it’s a really cool change! Imagine you are totally mad at a friend who dropped cola on your favorite shirt, you just say a meek sorry(works even better if you say sorry before your friend can say it) and then start at the top voice with anger and rage, your friend won’t know what hit him/her.

  1. I will sing 12days of Christmas every day: 12 days, 12 months, 2012. It all matches, and by the end of the year, you will finally have the lyrics memorized.

  1. I will say ‘Rabbits’ out of the blue: Or any cute animal that you like. Shout ‘Rabbits!’ when you are at work, or in the middle of a conversation, in a phone call instead of ‘Hello’, let’s spread cute little rabbits everywhere!

  1. I will re-arrange the pizza toppings: Take off the mushroom and the corn isn’t just rightly placed, remove every topping and re-arrange it in an artistic way. Get creative. Bonus points if the pizzeria hires you!

  1. I will stop eating anything purple in color: Means no eggplants, no yam, and no any other freaky purple colored disgusting tasting food!!! Now that’s one resolution worth keeping

  1. I will wear mismatched clothes once in every month: Mismatch colors, or styles, or even silhouettes, or maybe all three of them! Wear crazy stuff at least once every month, you may never know it might even start of a new trend.

  1. I will be a movie spoiler: Go watch a  movie alone, and then go watch it again with your friends, but don’t forget to give away spoilers, reveal the climax before hand, show the twists, repeat the dialogs and kill their fun, and have yours. Oh! But beware of getting a black eye.

  1. I will take bath in cold water all year: Now, this one is an immunity and character building type of a resolution. No hot water, not even warm water, just cold tap water. Will make you strong(or you will fall sick!) and also sensitize you about the poor homeless who don’t have ready access to hot water.

  1. I will communicate only in 1337(LEET): Whether it is mails, chats or blogposts, all written communication from 1st January,2012 should be done in LEET. &  `/  n07,   \/\/3 Я   7|-|3  (0/\/\|>(_)73Я  63/\/3 Я@7!0/\/
So, which resolution are you going to choose?

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