Monday, October 4, 2010

He broke the 20 year old fast

There was a 30 something guy. He was the regular guy you meet in day to day life. He had a stable job, a beautiful and helpful wife, a kid who was his life source. Life was a feast and he had fun living everyday a full life. Lets call this man Joe.

Now Joe had observed a strict fast for last 20 years, nothing at all could make him break that fast, the coaxing of his wife, the bullying of his friends, the gentle requests of his parish priest, the subtle hints of the neighbors, nothing. He had everything in his life(or so he thought) and he really did not need to break his fast.

Now, Joe was leaving for his office one fine morning, when he met with a terrible accident. Joe was hospitalized and was on life support. When Joe regained consciousness, Joe saw his family and friends around him with concerned looks on their faces. Joe's child finally came forward, held his father's hand and said. "Pa, won't you break your fast?".

Joe went into a flashback and his entire life seemed to be fickle and empty. He decided to break his fast.

Slowly he looked up, as the entire group stared at him in disbelief, Joe looked at his wife and said,"Honey, will you please pass me the Bible."

His 20 year fast of not reading the Word of God, was broken.

Months went by, and Joe read the Bible with interest and vigor, he was still in hospital, and doctors said he was reviving faster than usual. Six months later, he left the hospital as a changed man. He thought he had everything he needed in life before the fateful accident, thus he never used to read the Holy Scriptures, after the accident when he saw everything he ever owned could be taken away in a split of a second, he came to know that the Bible and the words and promises in there were his only hope. The more he read, the more his heart took courage.

How many of us are Joe? Fasting from the daily Bible reading. Are you waiting for a life threatening situation to turn towards the Word? Think again. You might not be as lucky as Joe.

Break Your FAST


  1. Psa 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

  2. this is really striking to one's mind..infact my mind....
    really a good post..