Saturday, October 23, 2010

8th National Youth Convention-Shillong

8th National Youth Convention-Shillong

On 7th October morning I woke with a mixture of feelings going through me; I was full of anticipation awaiting a new adventure in life, I was filled with excitement for this would be my first trip to North Eastern part of India, I was a little confused knowing not what to expect, but most of all I was prepared with the determination of representing Gujarat and the Arch Diocese of Gandhinagar.

It seemed like yesterday when I had a call from Sr. Josephine to find someone to go to NYC to be a part of the convention representing our Arch Diocese, though it actually happened months ago I could clearly recall saying ‘yes’ to it without even thinking. So, on the day of departure as I was readying myself I was thanking God for the once in a life time opportunity I had received.

On 7th October accompanied by Fr. Lawrence and Arvind from Nana Kantharia, Vinod from Vadgam and Jagdish from Kalol I set forth to experience a new world. Just a day before leaving I found the theme song of NYC from the internet, and before I knew I was in love with the song. The theme of NYC being ‘Live The Word, Liberate The World’, the song was so apt and appealing that I could not wait for the actual convention.

I would like to divide my experiences into four major parts for ease of writing and also to maintain a proper chronology. The parts are as follows:
·        The village exposure
·        Our journey back home.

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