Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It is OK to make mistakes

Oh God! I did it again!....

I should have known this was to happen, why didn't I just listen to myself.

I'm such a loser, I don't do anything right....

How many of us have said the above mentioned lines or some variations of it? Is there anyone who has never done a mistake in life, never messed things up, never done anything embarrassing? I have.

I make mistakes, lots of them. From small ones like misplacing things to big ones like taking wrong decisions; and you know, every mistake takes our confidence down with it, we lose hope in ourselves and its just terrible. And then sometimes I wonder what would it be if it were otherwise, if I had not taken that decision and ended up in a soup, wish I had not kept this book here where it would become wet.

I hate that feeling when I know that I have faltered, but then once I am out of the gloom, looking back at the mistakes of my life I know that somewhere, somehow I have gained something. People may have ridiculed me about my errors, I may have wallowed in self-pity and so on... Yes, I don't get a hit all the time, I have my own share of misses too. But every such miss makes me stronger to face the world, makes me more mature to see the things in right light, gives me an insight about wondrous workings of the world and most of all tells me that my mistakes may be a momentary entertainment for others but for me it is a life long lesson.

I now know it is OK to make mistakes, of course as long as you gain and come out of it, because if we don't fail how will we succeed!